ARIA Sounds accepting suggestions for their new London Symphonic Strings library


ARIA Sounds will be releasing a new London Symphonic String library, recorded in a London concert hall.

Sounds cool huh? Well the really cool part about it is that they are allowing the public to submit suggestions for the library ahead of time!

So if there’s ever been anything you wished was in a symphonic string library, now is your chance to ask! Specific articulations, crazy fx, sounds for a certain genre, ran through certain guitar amps, doesn’t matter, they are taking all suggestions.

It’s really cool to see your own suggestions and input show up into a product, so this is a very cool chance to be involved in the development or direction of a professional library.

Make sure you check out their site:

And be sure to submit your suggestions on Facebook here:

What do you think about this idea?



  1. St Joe please support real musicians whom have practiced real instruments all their lives and whom try their best to perform live with other humans. Come out of your computer lab into the real world and see the light.

    • See the light? LOL, I don’t have to only support live music to support what you refer to as “real” musicians. Not all musicians play live, in bands, orchestras, etc.


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