Akai MPC vs. NI Maschine – Hardware Design & Features


I’m constantly asked about which one is better between the Maschine and MPC platforms, and I always answer the same…it depends on what you’re looking for and your workflow.

That said, I wanted to share my opinion about them in a few different categories, the first one is the hardware design and features.

I’m focusing on the MPC X and Maschine MK3 as they are the most current and “top of the line” of the two platforms in most people’s eyes, also the ones I get asked about the most.

These are my opinions of course, you are free to disagree.

Both are available at zZounds with their 12 payment plan:

Let me know what you think


  1. Definitely agree with you I came from hardware then switch to software and now I’m starting to grab hardware again an even use logic and ableton as sound modules plugged into Reason to have to comment to a performance more than relying on midi all the time that I can correct it if I mess up great 👍🏾 video as always

    • Man I feel you! I love working with straight audio for that reason, with MIDI I feel like I can always go back and change so I just record to audio and capture the vibe. If I’m using drums or chops inside the MPC obviously those are MIDI but anything else, including drums and samples from hardware or even plugins, straight to audio. Thanks for checking, stay tuned for more 🙂

  2. saint joe, don’t you kinda have to play it safe? What would it look like if you chose sides? That would slow things down for you. Companies probably would stop sending you products to test… I f@#ks with you and everything you’re doing but, let keep it a BUCK! WSS(snake oil) a YouTuber he keeps it 100% he doesn’t give a !@#$…RESPECT to you brother!

    • If you’re asking me that question, you don’t know me or what I’m about at all fam lol. I show what I like and I have always been someone that uses multiple tools, which is exactly why I started SoundsAndGear. That’s also why both consumers and companies value the info I share. All of these companies can learn something from each other in different areas in my opinion, liking one thing doesn’t mean you have to hate another. I’ve never been that way nor understood that way of thinking. Peace.


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