Ableton Push recording fixed length audio clips with Maschine & Mininova


Hey what’s good fam?

I know many have seen the Push controller sitting on my desk and I’ve gotten a lot of questions on my thoughts and how I’m using it.

In this video I highlight probably my favorite feature that Push adds to my workflow for recording audio.

It’s the fixed length audio clip feature and in this video I show exactly how I use it when recording external gear as well as when using Maschine in Ableton Live 9.

Check it out.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think, also let me know if you have any specific questions about Ableton Push


Ableton Push recording fixed length audio clips with Maschine & Mininova
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    • Man I been looking for this workflow forever, so smooth, now I just need ableton to add more sample/audio manipulation options from the controller and in their software.

  1. Just awesome thanks for sharing saint …yes I’ve been looking more reviews on push so that it may ease my work flow and be able to create freely in Ableton.

  2. good tutorial. Just the right length and the right amount of info to keep it interesting but not so much as to make it confusing. I don;t get on with Live (I’m too old, I think) but this makes a compelling case for Push. Thanks!

    • Thanks for watching, you’re never too old! It’s just a different program, not everyone likes it, which is fine. I’ve been using Live since before I got Maschine, so Push really added something to my workflow that I was trying to do in a bunch of other different ways 🙂

  3. What I could do with is a controller that really comes prepped for Logic X, can’t seem to find one, except maybe the Axiom, but I don’t really want fully weighted keys, you know for entering strings etc, it’s not a piano after all.
    As I play guitar, I was looking at this Fishman TriplePlay wireless MIDI controller for guitar – the idea being that it’s good for entering strings etc.
    With my old Edirol 61 keyboard it’s OK for piano sounds, even Rhodes not too bad, but for strings the dynamics seem to be too extreme.
    Sorry to go a little off topic, but would welcome your input anyway.
    As I made a lot of effort to study Logic from Logic 7 on, it doesn’t seem to make much sense to change, though I have a basic edition of Ableton, it’s not even installed at the moment

  4. If they’d implement follow / chase midi notes, you’re able to mulittrack record midi by just setting up a timeline range like in cubase and just go from anywhere, I like tracking out my vsts via midi 1st. advantage being I can edit edit and edit some more, but when recording midi in ableton, if you sustain for example at the end of your loop, it doesn’t sustain into the beging when the loop starts over, as does cubase, which is an effect that I use all the time when getting down progressions on the fly. The way around this was to use cubase in midi mode only and loobe, and run midi from CB into ableton, track for track. Problem when 2 much processor, that’s why I like Korg Kronos.

    • Sounds cool, not really what I was looking for though. I love capturing audio on the fly and being able to capture audio of specific lengths really fits my workflow. Thanks for the comment!


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