A free hip hop drum kit from TrauhmahDrums.com


Not a lot to say on this one, some free drums from trauhmadrums.com and I like them

Peep this quick video and go download them, he’s cool peeps and didn’t know I was doin this video but I love to show love to the smaller developers and he has some great drums.

check it out

download at http://www.traumahdrums.com

lemme know what you think.


  1. They got some thump to them but the drum loops could be better (they sound a little mechanical) but they’re free so I can’t hate πŸ™‚

    Its always good to see peeps doing their thang. I’ll be bookmarking his page to keep in contact for seeing how his future beats will be. Got a good start.

    Thanks Joe

  2. I like what I’ve heard, what you’ve demo’ed sounds as if he goes for a more creative layered sound perhaps using organic items (pans, buckets with varying levels of liquids..who knows). He’s definitely not trying to have that “every day-generic” sound. I think it’s a good look and wish him the best & look forward to future releases.
    Thanks for put this out there for those that might have over looked it.

    • @jamari, yeah I agree, definitely more creative, I can definitely hear some household items in there, that’s the type of stuff I like to do so it’s good to see them being used creatively and they actually are useful.

  3. What up am, been a minute. I didnt check out the drums yet but Ive been wanting to ask you….Why does your Maschine look different from the original. Did you get a custom job or is that a removable template. It’s Hot.

  4. Hi Saint Joe, Still enjoying your vids thanks.I love the way you share your comments and crits.
    Where can I hear some of your music.

    • @Alan@The Cape, thanks man, I don’t really have anything online at the moment, but thanks for asking. I have some old stuff up on myspace.com/saintjoetheservant some stuff I produced for other folks.


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