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Water has infiltrated the SoundsAndGear lab!!

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We had some winter weather out here in Kansas as we normally do, freezing rain type stuff.

Before my wife and I went to bed we heard what sounded like scrapping or shoveling, we saw the neighbors were stuck in their drive way and trying to get the ice off. Normal stuff right?

Well, a few hours later my wife wakes me up “that noise isn’t shoveling….it’s coming from the basement”

I’m thinking the sump pump is jacked or something, maybe the outdoors connection to it was frozen…

I go downstairs and to my surprise there is a nice, steady, trickling fountain of water falling directly on my gear!!

I had no idea what it was coming from, then I oriented myself with where the water/pipe was going…it was the freaking water heater!

Yeah…the “pressure release valve” decided to open, and I had no idea it was there above my gear, which is next to the only outlet in the basement.

It’s safe to say this house was not built with me, or anyone who would use a basement in mind.

So my gear was damaged, tried to dry it out but to no avail. Maschine….dead, my Focusrite interface….bye bye, my Event monitors…nerp. My midi controller almost made it, but it’s not fully functional, I can’t use my octave buttons and one of the keys no longer works.

Safe to say it was stressful…BUT I am thankful because I had a lot of things planned which revolved around that area. I was in the process of getting plans together to build a room right there, among other things.

So now that I know that location is subject to random releases of water heater pressure lol (never happened in all the years we’ve been here) I will relocate to the other side of the basement, away from the water heater/water pipes.

So yeah, I’m working on getting back up and running, good thing is my PC was not a casualty, very thankful for that.

New monitors and interface on the way, new Maschine on the way…still need a new midi controller. If you got one sitting around…you know….lol.

Any company out there that wants one of their controllers to become the controller in SoundsAndGear videos…hit me up! HA :)

So that’s the story for this week, in case you’re wondering why I’ve been so quiet on the site!

Moral of the story…know where EVERY water pipe and outlet is before setting up your workspace!

I’m still here though, still helping, answering questions, and still doing videos with what I have :)

***Speacial shout out to my lovely wife! Without her help…I probably would have went insane, she’s awesome! Love you boo!

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105 Responses to “Water has infiltrated the SoundsAndGear lab!!”

  1. GP Studio says:

    Im so sorry to hear about that man. Your an inspiration with the way you have handled it. Thanks for continuing to try and help others while your struggling yourself!

    • saintjoe says:

      @GP Studio, thanks man, it’s all good, just wanted to let ya know what was going on :)

      Things could always be worse, that’s how I look at it, my house is okay, my family is okay, etc…so I’m good!

  2. Jamari says:

    I feel your pain, I’ve lost most of my gear a few months back due to waste damage as well.

  3. Speologic says:

    Yeah, that’s just bad luck! The idea is to find a way to be able to take this as a new start. Whatever it is, changing gear, putting new more safe pipes :) … Maybe thinking that it’s “only” gear. But it’s easy to say when it’s not your gear…

    I can just wish you the best and the patience and I hope youll have a new good setup asap.

    Hold on!

    • saintjoe says:

      @Speologic, lol, thanks man! It was the “pressure release valve” they built it to go into the basement instead of outside or into an overflow tank or anything! Oh well…I had no idea what that was until it flooded my gear and I had to research why it was doing it lol.

  4. Teacee says:

    Dannng!. Not the gear! Sorry to hear the bad news man, I am glad you have the new gear on the way, whew that’s messed up. If I had an extra midi keyboard, I would give it to you, I just gave one away and few months ago when I go the Motif. The basement can be good and bad for a studio, I know they can get flooded easier, and have pipe leaks like in your case. Definitely get the room built when you can in the mean while cover that gear. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

    • saintjoe says:

      @Teacee, yeah fam, it’s crazy…it wasn’t actually a leak, but it was designed that way! I just never knew it, cuz it never happened before, I guess most folks send theirs into an overflow tank, or outside or something. This wasn’t built that way…now I know, so it’s all good lol.

  5. Omg fam! My heart sank just now reading that. I swear if I had a spare keyboard it would be yours all day! I hope you had insurance on your gear and the only bright side I see out of all this is God must’ve thought its time to give one of my saints some new gear :) I hope your troubles are few and between and you and your family have a blessed holiday. I’ll crank an EQ knob for you bro!

    • saintjoe says:

      @Ill Soul Productions, yeah it’s all good man lol, just thought it would be fun to share ya know? Like I said, things are well, stuff is being replaced, so I have no worries really. I do think if I was not a person of faith my outlook would be quite different, but I take it as a lesson, considering some of the things I had planned for the location, which would have been even more trouble had it happened later than it did. So I’m good!

  6. Emiliano says:

    Damn it! When I read this on twitter, I didn’t actually realized it was that bad… So sorry to hear about what happened, I feel for you man. Ok, let me go check every water pipe myself…

    Have a safe week-end.


  7. Mario says:

    Im Sorry To Hear that man.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I feel your pain man, I have lost gear before, not a good feeling. I am sending positive vibes out your way St. Joe. I definately am glad that you have a good attitude about it. I am glad your new stuff is on the way, And that your computer is okay, although I am sure you back it up. Thanks for all that you do, I am sure this is going to turn out well for you, somehow.

    • saintjoe says:

      @Anonymous, thanks fam! Yeah..I back it up, my backup drives are okay too, but it took me like 6 months to buy all the parts I needed to build it it would have been a major setback for me! Either way, like I said, there are things far worse in this world than loosing some musical equipment, as much as we think it matters, in the grand scheme of things, it’s a very small issue really, all of that stuff is replaceable.

      on a lighter note…maybe a midi controller company will see this and want to have their controller featured in all my future videos lol ahahahahaha!

  9. BigTone says:

    Sorry to hear that dude!!!! But it is one thing they don’t tell us and i do mean US when we buy a home or water heater, is that from time to time the water heater needs to be drained… but once again SORRY BRO!!!

    • saintjoe says:

      @BigTone, Yeah man! thanks! My boy Flux is a hvac tech and he knew exactly what it was when I told him, man I had no clue lol. It’s all good though, I know now!

      thanks for the comment.

  10. Pat says:

    Aw wow that sucks big time. Glad you’re getting back up and running tho. My studio is beneath the bathroom so lemme go check on those pipes lol.

    Take it easy man.

  11. London Black says:

    damn homey just heard of the casualties you took I send my condolence … peace keep ya head up London Black.

  12. Relic says:

    Hooooly shit , what a nightmare hope it was insured, :-(
    I would have been PISSED

  13. efreezee says:

    yo saint that sucks man but like you said everything still moves forward and lucky you if you can get one of these sponsors to get that equipment for you..luckily you built a website helpin people out that could posibly help you out in your time of need..yo and i apreciate you makin these vids ive already learned a lil from a couple of your videdos..and one question do you do any videos about those new type of snare rolls and hesitating hi hats that new stuff producers are doin on soundclick and stuff??

    • saintjoe says:

      @efreezee, thanks fam, just gotta keep it moving. Not sure what you mean about the rolls/hats, I don’t listen to soundclick often unless someone specifically sends me something to hear.

  14. Mannas says:

    Damn! That’s a shame. I’ve got a 49 key Evolution midi keyboard I can send you if you need. Email me if you want it, it’s yours. I’d be glad to help you out. I’ve also got a Proteus 2000 if you’re in need of hardware.

  15. Bryan says:

    Sorry to see that.
    I think alot of people who do pipes,don’t do it well.
    Was it metal rusty or plastic

    • saintjoe says:

      @Bryan, word…it wasn’t actually broken, it was just that the overflow pipe from the heater was piped directly into the basement instead of to a drain, overflow tank, or outside…it’s plastic, I had no idea it was even a water pipe lol.

  16. Sorry to hear the bad news, I know you will be up and running sooStay up..

    Laman (olujade)

  17. Marcus Manderson says:

    You need to check out State Farm’s Personal Article policy. I have all my gear covered. Of course, your gear might also be covered under your home insurance policy. Good luck getting everything back up. Thank God that it was not any worse…

  18. mehdo says:

    Yo man I’m sorry to hear that but I know u had the X board 25 seen to used on real cheap

  19. Tenor says:

    Wow SaintJoe,
    I feel sorry for you man, your story made me almost fall down from my chair…and I’m now examing the walls and water evacuations around my studio…Hope you have an insurrance for this. And my wife is sending a b “big respect” to your wife for helping you staying calm and positive in this struggle.

    • saintjoe says:

      @Tenor, yeah man! wifey really kept me grounded yo…she saw the hurt on my face, she knows all the work I put into running this site and such, she knew just what to say/do…love her to death! Even my kids felt my pain lol…I love my family man!

      • CoolD says:


        Hey Fam, sorry to hear the news. i feel you on having a cool, understanding wife and family. My wife just pointed out a small leak in my studio a few weeks ago. Nothing major like a water heater pipe because it is on the 2nd floor, but enough to get my attention and make sure no equipment is in the area until I get it taken care of.

        I’m gonna make sure I start covering equipment up because you never know….it will also prevent dust from accumulating on stuff that doen’t get used too often.

        I will check the local Guitar Center to see what deals they have in the used section and if they have something you may need I’ll give you a shout.

        BTW, N.I. should provide you with a complimentary Maschine for all the work you have done promoting it, educating people like us on a lot of it’s advanced features, etc. In fact, just last week I received a link to your new educational Maschine video site. You and Knock^2 were 2 primary influences on me switching to Maschine.

        Glad to hear that it didn’t do anything to ruin your family’s holiday season.


        • saintjoe says:

          @CoolD, word man, thanks for the input fam I truly appreciate it. The midi controller has been taken care of now to, thanks to someone within the SoundsAndGear community…we got the best community on the net! And not just because of this lol, I always say it, our community is active and people respond, users love it, and vendors notice the activity as well.

          thanks again fam for the words! And glad we helped push you over to Maschine, you’ll enjoy the new site for sure ;)

  20. TeeBlack says:

    Damn homie sorry to hear that. hope you get up and running soon. what focusrite interface was you using? im running the little saffire 6.

  21. Man that’s messed up bro. Sorry to hear that. I hope you will be back up & running soon without a lot of stress…because I know how it is when you put a lot of time, effort and money into something and some unforeseen circumstance happens to take it away. It sucks.

    • saintjoe says:

      @Madbull Studios, thanks for the support fam, its’ all good, I’m not out of commission yo! Got some goodies coming lol. I still got a camera so I can still post some vids, maybe I’ll show off my first standalone sequencer…been planning to do that lol.

  22. KIZONE says:

    Yo man sorry to hear about that man. Dman my heart dropped when i read this. a while ago i had a problem just like that. My main water main broke in my basement. I have been a dj sine i was 16(39 now) and i had a gig that evening(wedding) I was gone for 8 hours, needless to say I lost a ton of record sleeves, all my classic hip-hop 12 inch sleves were destroyed. My classic mixers that i have been keeping destroyed!!! my back up 12′s destroyed. I feel your pain brother i wish you the best of luck and good well on getting your lab back up. Hopefully you had house insurance and all is taken care of. Got to love the Kansas, Missouri Weather right? I can’t wait to leave. Good Luck man

    • saintjoe says:

      @KIZONE, word man! thanks for the response, and I feel you man, sounds like your loss was a lil more expensive than mine lol. But it all feels the same! Homeowner’s would cover…but the cost of my deductible would be more than just buying new items! lol…

  23. 01halo says:

    I feel your pain.. awhile back my mother in law broke my mpc 2000xl and i lost a lot of beats.. and before that i had a studio get robbed.. so i feel your pain..

    mabe you could get a novation 49SL Mk2 they work great..

  24. Ruediger says:

    Sorry to hear about that! I hope the pain will go very fast away!
    (because I know it’s painful)

    I wish you and your family fantastic holidays and a great and successful new year…

    Peace and Cheers
    from Berlin, Germany

    Rüdiger Wittmann

  25. jmsilva22 says:

    Loosing gear like that is no joke. I hope you get back on track asap. Keep your head up.

  26. dredd i knight says:

    Damn man! I feel your pain bro!

    Surely NI will shell out for a maschine for you? You got them at least my sale, and I reckon many others….

  27. VinnieTreux says:

    Hey man at least you got the funds to replace all the important stuff! And thankfully only inanimate objects felt the wrath of winter. Stay up Fam, happy holidays.


  28. Tris says:

    Hey man sorry to hear that…….I second Dredd I Knight with the Maschine reference, your reviews helped me seal the deal so they need to hook you up and all the other companies you been promoting…..nah cool though I hope you get back up and running soon.

    • saintjoe says:

      @Tris, thanks for the support homie :) Glad I was able to show Maschine in a good enough way to encourage you to try it, I really think it’s awesome and will only get better.

  29. MEHDO says:

    Yo St. its me again and again I hope everything in your studio is ok and I know what you mean about having a understandinig wife those type of women are hard to come by and family men like yourself but yes im finally making the plunge in maschine I seen your site about the future VST update ill use all my vst’s in maschine super workstation also I really need to know who does your web sites cause I want to start one my self peace

  30. C-Wealth Music says:

    Damn homie, sorry to hear about your gear. You should definitely contact some people to see if you can get some sponsored gear to get you back up and running. That would be a good look for them and…… a win win for everyone involved. If you need me (or anybody that visits your site for that matter) to send out a email on your behalf to make this thing happen I’m sure all of us will jump to the occasion. The site is awesome and we definitely want you to keep doing what your doing. Peace & Beats

  31. everythingbutthegirl says:

    Hey Joe!

    Sorry to hear this, I’m feeling you bru. Its amazing how God works though bru!

    Respect too all the folks that are sending their love out to yah.

    What a fam you have


  32. Dooood!!! Water in the studio is not cool!!!! But you’re right, as long as the family is safe and sound, life is good!!! Good luck building up the new gear!

  33. GROOVEMODE says:

    Yo….Sorry to hear about your gear Saint Joe… do a great job providing us in the beat community with reviews on everything you need to make great music…. I hope that the companies that you review can come forth and help you get back on track with new gear. You should get everything back and then some. I bout the Maschine because of your reviews. KEEP YA HEAD UP HOMIE….YOU WILL GET BACK ALL YOU PUT IN!!!!!!

  34. KDilla says:

    Daaamn Joe…sorry to hear that. R.I.P Maschine and all your other gear that passed before their time. Glad to hear you’ll be back to full strength before too long! :)

  35. Swamp "indaswamp" says:

    JOE MY HEART IS BROKEN FOR YOU!! man i promise with the way you handle things calm and cool like you have,great things are gonna come your way!! i hope you have a merry Christmas man to you and the fam!take care homie!!

    • saintjoe says:

      @Swamp “indaswamp”, thanks fam! It’s all good man, I figure what’s done is done and I just move to the next episode yo! Plus I had a chance to finally get me some Krk monitors, been wanting them for a while lol.

  36. dj says:

    Damn man sorry to hear about your gear, I haven’t touch mine in like nine months life got crazy. Hopefully I will sooner rather then later get back into music.

  37. Av2da... says:

    daaang, that sucks bro. glad to hear ur still in good spirits. hope u back n runnin in no time!!

  38. Picalo32 says:

    Sorry to here that sun, can’t wait to see you up and running again

  39. Paul Bostrom says:

    Man, that stinks.
    My studio had flooding two weeks ago. My stuff is okay, but I’m stuck on the hardwood family room floor until the studio’s cleaned up… not so comfortable.

  40. Casey Sherrell says:

    Damn Joe,

    I am so sorry bruh! Sometimes the world throws a big ass monkey wrench into your game, but you are handling it well, in stride and that says something bruh. Keep your head up and stay positive like you always are and you will be alright in the end!

    For real too, if you need something, just let me know, I will help you out if I can? Lord knows I got a gear addiction, so if you need a loaner, get at me?


  41. STEVIE K. says:



  42. HaruTune says:

    Damn that was bad…I Hope everything will be OK

  43. Vinnie Badverbs says:

    You know like I know Saint! There’s a silver lining just waiting to be revealed from beneath this dark cloud! I can’t wait to hear what it is! I’m especially joyous that You and the Fam are Fine! As is evident by all the well wishes by the Sounds&Gear Faithful and testimonies of their own personal loses. You’re not alone and you know We got Mad Luv 4 U!
    Although, I read you’ve already got replacement equip enroute. If you need anything Saint, hit me up! And I don’t wanna hear that mess about them damn T-Shirts. $3-4 a pop ain’t gonna get you back where you were!

    Peace Fam!

    • saintjoe says:

      @Vinnie Badverbs, ahahahaha!!! thanks fam! I appreciate it! It’s looking good man, I should be back fully rockin sometime next week, just in time for the holidays lol.

      I appreciate all the support for sure!!

  44. smoovbeats says:

    I had water fall on my CME VX once. i almost lost it. Thank God i’m a Test Engineer so i’m able to fix things. I moved away from that spot in my basement too but i’m planning to move further away from water…LOL.

    • saintjoe says:

      @smoovbeats, I hear you man lol, that’s wild! Glad you got it working man, cme aint no joke! I def been wanting one of those for a while, joints are insane, but I’m not sure how they work with windows 7, guess I could always just use straight midi.

  45. backpacker22 says:

    @saintjoe Sorry to hear about the damage. Glad to read things are now getting sorted.

  46. BDrake says:

    YO! Im sorry to hear that. Thats Craazy. It’s good to know that your bouncin back fast though which is definitly a blessing for yourself and the rest of us. Keep your head up and I’ll keep an eye out for a controller :)

    • saintjoe says:

      @BDrake, word man, thanks for the support fam! Yeah I’m bouncin back, should be back fully functional this coming week. And I got a controller on the way too! It’s all good man!

  47. sam says:

    wow fam bam that’s what we call something trying to keep the worker from doing the work. anyway like you say it stos nothing and you will be up and running again. i had a similar issue a few years back water wasn’t the prob though it was a you know what scorned lol anyway keep doing what you do fam and keep it 1 hundid ya smell ? your boi from the west coast out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Jock says:

    Sorry to hear what happened, every-one has already said their feelings no more for me to say, it,s already been say,d. Glad the Family Stuck by ya. Jock. Keep Smiling.

  49. MECONE1 says:

    wow! im sorry to hear that fam i hope everything work’s out for you just in time for the new year…stayup saint joe…

  50. sky says:

    Sorry to here this..hope all gets back stiaght.

  51. Randall K says:

    Dude! You seem to have a peace that passes understanding. :) Thanks for the update. Reminds me to shoot updated video of my gear for insurance purposes. You rock!


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