Ueberschall Score Elements review

What’s good fam!

Didn’t think I was gonna leave ya hangin on Big Fish Friday did ya!

I know I been busy but had to come through with something a lil different.

Back in the day, when I was rocking AKAI formatted CDs on the regular, Ueberschall always had the dope stuff.

But then they went to putting their libraries in a plugin/loop player called elastik, and I wasn’t really feeling it.

However, they’ve recently updated this player to version 2, and it’s much better than the previous version.

So I felt it was time for me to revisit the Ueberschall libraries….there’s some gems I think people miss because of how they are packaged.

Let’s check it out!

So what is Score Elements?

Score Elements is exactly what it sounds like.

A library of elements, sounds, impacts, beds, and noises, suited for film, media, game and other similar production styles.

This one is basically aimed at film and game composers, sound designers, etc.

But you know me! I love this stuff and think it can be used anywhere.

It’s packaged in the elastik 2 plugin, so you can mix, mangle, chop, effect and alter all the loops and sounds to create your own thing.

Quick Specs

  • content: 2.51 GB
  • format: Elastik Player 2 (vst, au, rtas)
  • price: $139.95

So how does it sound?

There has always been a nice, warm, organic quality about the libraries from Ueberschall.

It’s hard to explain given the fact that they cover so many different genres, but they just always exude qualit and usability.

No too overly processed to fit in with the rest of your sounds, but definitely pro quality, ready to go.

In particular I like the impacts, great for creating your own epic styled kits and beats.

The beds and ambiences are really deep and evolving, and the elastik 2 interface makes it easy to chop, change, mangle, and alter them quickly.

The quality of the recordings are on point, no unwanted pops, clicks or other noises.

I also felt that the sounds themselves were true to the genre they are targeting

So what’s the bottom line?

I’m glad they updated to elastik 2, the built in browser makes using their libraries much more streamlined and quick.

I also like how intuitive they made the new “loopeye” system, very easy to tweak and alter your loops.

For me, having it load as a native 64 bit plugin is a HUGE plus.

I give this library 4 out of 5 subs, it hits the mark in regards to film/media sounds and effects with no lack of content in sight.

There’s a few things I would like to see improved with the elastik engine itself.

Exporting samples should be quicker, you should be able to do this via drag and drop into your daw or desktop.

Also, loading samples to the keys should be quicker, I should be able to double click on the sample in the browser and have it load to the next available key.

I’d also like to see the chromatic assignment of samples streamlined so that if I have a sample on a key and I place the mouse on either side of the key, I get an arrow bar that let’s me drag it across multiple keys.

The chopping is nice, but it would also be nice if you could export the chops as individual wav files.

Overall the library is great and the new engine is great, with a few tweaks it (elastik) can be a very powerful platform.

It really shines when you have more than one Uebershcall library, as it let’s you tag, rate and organize everything by genre, instrument, etc. So you don’t have to know which library you need, just the type of sound, bpm, or something of that nature.

I definitely plan to checkout more stuff from Uebershcall, I feel I’ve been missing out because of my dislike for the first version of elastik, but with elastik 2, I don’t feel it gets in the way and actually makes the library a joy to use.

Browsing all those files in their custom browser is very quick and easy.

Definitely checkout the demos and let me know what you think: http://www.bigfishaudio.com/detail.html?512207

leave a comment below and give me your thoughts on the library as well as the elastik engine.



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14 Responses to “Ueberschall Score Elements review”

  1. Good stuff man, I have the old version of the player which I don’t use too much nowadays.
    The new interface seems friendlier to use. I may use it down the road but for now I don’t think I’ll be installing all my Ueberschall libraries just to test the new player out.
    Thanks for the update.

    • saintjoe says:

      @Madbull Studios, yeah I had some in the old player and never used it, the new one is much better. I think it would be even cleaner if the drag and drop export was an option. I love the browser now, cuz you can consolidate their entire collection and browse it by instrument types, which I like to organize my construction kits into instrument folders anyway, so I really dig that part of it. Thanks for the feedback fam, which libraries you have from them?

  2. Hip Hop Raw, Liquid Trumpet, Urban Jointz, Studio Works

  3. Dukemoney says:

    You know me I’m off the hardware but it amazes me how deep the computer can go. I mean to the point where you can get down to the finest detail. They should start coming out with workstations with software just for them were it is already set every midi parameter knob and switch down to the very chip it self. Technology is a beautiful thing.

  4. everythingbutthegirl says:

    Hey Joe! Thanks for the vid!

    Man not sure this would a workstation I would look at getting as a vst to use in Maschine.

    Not liking the sounds

    • saintjoe says:

      @everythingbutthegirl, it’s cool, I love these types of sounds, fits my style so I’m always looking for stuff that’s off the path and different, especially with the impacts and backgrounds.

      Of course we all have different tastes, now you know, so you wouldn’t waste your money buying it to find out you didn’t like it, that’s why I do this :)

  5. Wenzel says:

    Hey man!
    Thanks for the nice feedback.

    What can I say, good job ;)

    Two quick words regarding the slice and export function.

    A- exporting via drag and drop will be a feature in one of the future updates. But we can’t say yet when it will come.

    B- Exporting the slices to wave is already possible.
    1- choose your sample
    2- click on “copy” and choose “slice”
    3- slice the sample on the keyboard, select all via the SHIFT button on your keyboard
    4- right mouse click and choose “export > modified”.

    Now a folder opens with waves samples of all the slices.
    From here you can drag and drop them directly into your DAW.



    • saintjoe says:

      @Wenzel, thanks for the feedback, I knew the drag and drop would be coming in the future as I asked via the support desk, nice trick on the exporting of multiple samples though, didn’t know that one.

      Will this also work if I have multiple loops on the keys I want to export or is it only for sliced loops?

      • Wenzel says:

        Hey Joe,
        this will also loop with multiple loops. It is basically the same technique, only that you have sliced loops loaded.

        This way for example you can also export complete construction kits or a chromatically mapped sample.

  6. Baddboy2000 says:

    SJ,Thanks again for reviewing the new module. Like many other viewers,I was not a big fan of the previous version. Your review revealed many improved features that has me interested. Accessing/& modifying the sounds seems easier this time around. Another great video. :)

    • saintjoe says:

      @Baddboy2000, Cool man, def glad to help. Yeah I pretty much hated the previous version so missed out on a lot of good sounds, but this version is much easier to work with and seems they will be adding some new improvements so I’ll be watching.


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