The BEST drum samples around?

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Yo, came across another great article that I really enjoyed from S2S blog, about the best single shot drum samples.

David Felton from Sounds/To/Sample put out a nice article highlighting some of his favorite and/or best selling drum sample kits.

Some of my favorites like fatloud and sounds in hd made the list, as well as some you may not know.

I think it’s worth a read, it’s quick, but informative and you may just find some new samples in the process.

Check it out, for sure…when they post an article, they focus on quality, since they run a sample sound business too, the blogs are an extra bonus for me :)

Go read it here: The BEST….drum hits

let me know what you think of the article below, and make sure to leave them a comment and let them know what you think, tell them I sent ya lol.

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17 Responses to “The BEST drum samples around?”

  1. awol9000 says:

    Dope article.

  2. Tenor says:

    hi Saintjoe
    very interesting article i need to test sounds in hd and drumdog kits
    i’ll go to there site
    thx man

  3. Kervens says:

    what about sonic specialist

  4. Emiliano says:

    Very interesting stuff, as always. Didn’t know some of these packs/companies…

    Oh well, to tell you the truth, I love Maschine drums (only some kits though), but it’s nice to have some different kits for a change. Man, those Sounds in HD are pretty tight!

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks Joe, that article was pretty decent. I’m glad that your site is so informative about other review sites as well because its a big help on knowing what else is out there. I never heard of or some of the drums that they were reviewing (I’m not really into house samples and with a name like Sample Magic Organic House I would have automatically skipped listening to it but after hearing the demo I liked what I heard) is now bookmarked for future visits.

    Much respect bro.

    • saintjoe says:

      @Madbull Studios, no doubt man! SampleMagic is one of my favorite companies too, they have some very nice stuff, and SoundsToSample has a high quality ratio, they don’t just sell any and everything, they are good peeps, so I want folks to know about them.

      I don’t have a problem sharing the love with other sites man, I’m not one of those that feels I am in competition with everyone, I feel everyone has their own lane, no one can do what I do like I do it, and likewise with others, I don’t do what they do, so why not all grow and help each other!

      Definitely check them out, and checkout man, good stuff and it’s the same people that’s behind soundstosample.

  6. Kervens says:

    Yo joe when u get all your stuff back can u do a review on the other drums I know u did one for sound in hd but u can u do the others that were on the list

  7. Beats says:

    cool article

    I have Sounds in HD1 and a couple of wave alchemy products, all of em are dope.

    Fatloud Drum Collection and Goldbaby’s stuff are goin to be my next purchases.

  8. Eezzy says:

    @joe..see that’s what i be talking bout,,,,everybody be using the same sounds thats why alot of ppl be saying the same thing that Emiliano said im this thread…to all my fello beatmakers discovery new sounds stop falling for the samples with other producers name on it…search for your sound my brothas… me for the best three yrs i been digging and searching for new sounds specifically the sounds that the masses aren’t using . thamks joe you a life saver homie


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