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Submitted by on Nov 4, 2011

Hey, it’s Friday…time for some Big Fish!

I don’t have a review for you today, but for good reason.

I’m about to start up the Big Fish Giveaways again, so I just wanted to get the list started again.

You don’t have to do anything besides making sure you’re on the Big Fish Giveaway list.

You can do so by signing up below.

This is an all new list, not to be confused with the regular list.

So if you want a chance to win some good samples, instruments, and other goodies, sign up below!

And make sure to tune in to Big Fish Fridays as you never know when a winner may be announced


  1. Rihan says:

    :) thank you i feel so greatful for this giveaway

  2. saintjoe says:

    good luck, there will be more than one, once you’re on the list, you’re automatically entered :)

  3. Miss-E says:

    This is a good look…..Thanks for a chance to win some things…..GOD BLESS :-)

  4. Gerrod says:

    Im hoping you give away a copy of RIG.=]

  5. Bill Terry says:

    Thanks Saint Joe

  6. everythingbutthegirl says:

    I wish everybody the best!


  7. jawan says:

    Just entered. wan amar on fbook. Keep doin what you doin cuz.

  8. Menuet says:

    Thx, Guys!

  9. Menuet says:

    There is no e-mail comes :(

  10. wolfchul says:

    Thanks a lot

  11. Just singed up for the bigfish givaway! I am going to get that book also! This is hot!

  12. Theory says:

    Big Fish this friday?

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