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Sample Logic Cinematic Guitars review

If you’re into film, media, sound design and/or cinematic type sounds, then you’ve heard of Sample Logic

They’ve been around for a while with some dope libraries like AIR, The Elements, Synergy, Morphestra and now Cinematic Guitars, as well as some smaller libraries exclusively for Ableton Live.

Well, I had heard about them here and there, and their website seemed pretty slick.

I had a chance to meet the owners last January when I went to NAMM, we exchanged information and sorta kept in touch off and on.

I was definitely excited when they told me about this new library they were working on…there was much fuss and excitement from the musician/composer community as well, as many of them had owned previous Sample Logic libraries.

So I wanted to check this thing out.

Enter Cinematic Guitars…the first product I’ve had a chance to checkout from Sample Logic

So what is Cinematic Guitars?

If you think it’s a dedicated guitar libary, you’d only be about 1/4 part right.

It IS a guitar library in the fact that all the sample material was created with guitars and other rare stringed devices, it’s NOT a traditional guitar library in the fact that this thing is not just about replicating the sound of acoustic and electric guitars. It’s about much more.

This library is created for game, film, cinematic, and other media professionals, or…as you know me, anyone that loves to add emotional, cinematic, theatrical styled sounds to their productions.

Though it’s called Cinematic Guitars, this thing covers sounds ranging from guitars, to pads, synths, percussion, hits, impacts, atmospheres, etc….

yeah, freakin crazy!

Quick Specs

  • content: 1000+ instruments and multis, 9gb (5.8gb via kontakt’s lossless compression) 24 bit samples
  • format: Kontakt player/Kontakt 4
  • price: $399

How does it sound?

Imagine waking up as in  a wonderland, in a dress…only to immediately be attacked by cyborg ferrets who chase you across a demonic wasteland desert until you fall into a swirling sand vortex…you’re then instantly transported to a frozen tundra where you are ferried across ice-cold waters by an angelic giraffe with a mustache.  Just as you make it to the next side, a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge amphibious creature jumps out of the water, swallowing you and once inside his stomach you find another 3 dimensional reality filled with all types of creatures, landscapes and edible trolls.

Yeah…it’s freaky, the point is, this thing sounds amazing, and it covers pretty much anything you can think of. The guitars are fast loading, and they sound very good. I have dedicated guitar libraries and I actually prefer these. They may not have 89 velocity layers and all that, but they sound good, and that’s all that matters to me, well that, and the fact that they load super fast.

The atmospheres and phrases in this library are stupid, from instant love/lust scenes to death trap demolitions, the names of the patches pretty much give you an idea what you will hear.

Things like “Faith in The One”, or “Bullfighter phrases” you can pretty much guess what you will hear.

There’s literally too much here for me to pick a favorite, I just love the tones, the sounds, the pads, the impacts, the stingers, the guitars, the synths…yes, all of this created from the original guitar sample material.

The sound is HUGE, or soft…or scary, or epic, or….whatever the heck you need it to be!

The FX….yesssssssssssss

Okay, I had to give this it’s own mention, the custom Kontakt interface is freaking outstanding. You KNOW how I love a good interface, this has got to be one of the best ones yet.

Everything right there for you to tweak, and I mean everything from cabinet, to rotary simulation, distortion, lofi, reverb, arps, filters, flangers, phasers, etc.

But they truly killed the competition when they introduced the core effects sequencer.  This basically is like an arpeggiator within each FX module, not only that, but for each parameter! So you can sequence one, or all of the paramters of a specific fx. So maybe you want to sequence the tone of the distortion, and the bit rate of the lofi module, or the speed of the phaser.

Yeah, pretty sick and a quick way to make the sounds your very own. I had so much fun with this feature man, you really have to try it to believe it. This really put the library over the top, the sounds where already top notch, but the creativity inspired by the interface and the core effects sequencer is second to none.

I literally found myself laughing as I was playing with this library, it’s one of those products that just brings you an instant joy when you play it, as you hear how the sounds evolve naturally, then you start tweaking….these guys get it, and I mean REALLY get it.

So what’s the bottom line?

No need to beat around the bush, this is easily the BEST product to be released this year in my opinion. Not only does it sound amazing, different, and totally inspiring, but it’s a joy to work with, easy to tweak, and surprisingly the instruments are not huge at all.

That means everything loads very fast, this is important when you’re in the middle of production and need to find “that” sound quickly.

The way they organize their libraries is very helpful, you don’t have to guess or wonder what will be in a folder.

The amount of individual instruments as well as the included multis make this a no brainer for anyone that just loves dope sounds period!

It’ s not just for media or film guys, the stuff in this library is useful for everyone. There’s riffs and phrases in there that sound like some straight up movie samples, like…the stuff you’d sample from a movie.

The mood and emotion you can evoke with these sounds from demonic or angelic and everywhere in between is pretty much unlimited.

I give this library 5 out of 5 subs, and would give it more!

I really didn’t know what to expect, I mean I knew they had a good rep, but I’m thinking…a library made totally from guitars…do we really need ANOTHER guitar library?

Well, you can never have enough guitars in my opinion BUT…this is NOT just ANOTHER guitar library, this is something different, something unique, something inspiring.

checkout the demos and videos over at Sample Logic…this thing is INSANE! :

It’s safe to say they’ve made me a new fan and I will definitely be checking for any and everything they do from now on.

leave a comment below and let me know what ya think!

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17 Responses to “Sample Logic Cinematic Guitars review”

  1. Valentino says:

    This one sounds crazy!!

  2. Vinnie Badverbs says:

    This joint here sounds Cur-Razzey! Interface seems to be worthy of 10 Subs, all by itself. My only worry hear Saint is the Price! Not to say it ain’t worth it. But $400! That’s steep! This ones def gotta go on the Wish List!

    • saintjoe says:

      @Vinnie Badverbs, no doubt man! And yeah…I feel ya, but again, I’ve seen stuff that costs more that isn’t this dope! This thing is sick man, so many sounds in here it’s crazy! It’s sorta in line price wise with those larger/pro libraries, some of the Vir2 stuff is around this price, Evolve from Heavyocity, etc. So considering that, the price is pretty competitive for what you get. But compared to the general plugin/synth market, which is around 199 or so, it may seem pricey :)

      it’s dope! even if it was 999 lol

  3. dp says:

    Joe” AT LAST” this is the BOMB! thanx for bein there”

  4. BDrake says:

    WOOOOW! CLUTCH PLAY at the End of the Year! That $h!T is so Dope! Yo that’s a winner. Those sounds are dope. Ok… Im on it.

  5. DJ Jambone says:

    maaaan! I’ll tell you! This defiantly the product I going to buy soon. The sounds in this device gives me a hole lot of idea’s. Thank’s for showing Saint Joe!

  6. yezzir says:

    ni better hurry and buy this company quick

  7. blessedboy says:

    What is the best guitar vst for soul music? ex. (james brown, Michael Jackson– Abc, Neo Soul, Dangelo- “one mo gin” “how does it fell”.

    There are a couple of new ones …Electri6ity and Orange tree.

    Which has the most soul and funk man.. i mean like soul train. :))

    not that metal, rock stuff all the time.


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