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TypeProductRatingLink to review
SynthXils-lab PolyKB II5
CinematicSoundiron Iron Pack 014
OrchestralCinesamples CineSymphony LITE4.5
CinematicSample Logic XOSPHERE5
SynthPlugin Guru Omniverse4.5
CinematicCinematique Instruments Gecko Kaleidoscope4
SynthAudioWarp BOCS Vol 14
OrchestralBig Fish Audio Vintage Strings4
WorkstationBigWerks Book Of Sounds4.5
CinematicSample Logic Cinematic Keys5
SynthXenos Extraterrestrial Origins5
SynthTone 2 Electra 24.5
WorkstationIK Multimedia SampleTank 34
BassDope VST Bass Engine4.5
OrchestralSpitfire Audio Bones Vol 14.5
OrchestralBig Fish Audio Tension4
SynthUVI UVX-3P4
CinematicHybrid Two Project BRAVO4.5
CinematicImpact Soundworks Celestia4.5
SynthSoniccouture The Attic4
SynthTone 2 Nemesis4.5
SynthMode Audio Dust Road4
CinematicNative Instruments Rise & Hit4.5
KeysBig Fish Audio Silver 4
SynthCL-Projects JD-8504.5
KeysOrange Tree Samples Tiny Box4
KeysUVI Mello4
Drum & PercSample Logic Havoc4.5
SynthAudiority Omnisphere Bundle5
CinematicBig Fish Audio Zodiac4
SynthZero-G Epica4
SynthBoxed Ear Mighty M54
OrchestralProjectSAM ORCHESTRATOR4.5
SynthInsusurro Pads4.5
Drum & PercVir2 Cinematic Thunder5
CinematicSample Logic Morphestra Generations5
SynthOutput Sounds REV5
SynthXenos Fear and Horror4
Vocal & ChoirBest Service Shevannai4.5
CinematicSoniccouture Geosonics5
SynthUVI WaveRunner4
SynthGospel Musicians Talkbox Jr4.5
Drum & PercSample Logic Impakt5
SynthDboxsamples Dmoox4.5
CinematicSample Logic Thunder Springs5
Drum & PercBig Fish Epic4
CinematicBest Service Forest Kingdom II5
Sound DesignMaster Sampling Impact4
Sound DesignSample Logic ASSAULT5
OrchestralEmbertone Friedlander Violin4
KeysSoundiron Musique Box5
Vocal & ChoirSoundiron Olympus Elements5
Vocal & ChoirSoundiron Olympus Micro4
CinematicSample Logic Tronix5
SynthTone2 Firebird+5
SynthPinknoise VIROLOGY5
SynthFXpansion DCAM Synth Squad5
SynthSoniccouture Synthi5
SynthNative Instruments RAZOR4.5
SynthNative Instruments Retro Machine MK24.5
SynthNative Instruments MASSIVE Threat4.5
SynthWave Alchemy WPro II4.5
SynthTone2 Saurus4.5
SynthArturia Analog Laboratory4.5
SynthCamel Audio Alchemy 1.54.5
SynthSample Logic Cyclone4.5
SynthUVI String Machines4.5
SynthRob Lee EDM 1 for SynthMaster4.5
SynthXenos Straight Up Hip Hop 4.5
SynthNative Instruments FM84
SynthNative Instruments MASSIVE4
SynthNative Instruments Absynth 54
SynthVir2 syntAX4
SynthTone2 ElectraX4
SynthGoldbaby Synth Purveyor Vol 14
SynthGoldbaby Fatso Synths4
SynthUVI Synths Anthology4
SynthWay Out Ware timewARP 26004
SynthBest Service Nitron4
SynthIan Boddy Analog Workshop V14
SynthDigital Love Child4
SynthGospel Musicians Pure Sine4
SynthPrimeloops Analogue Synthesis4
SynthBig Fish Solid State Retro Synths3.5
WorkstationVir2 VI One5
WorkstationBig Fish Audio Vintage Vibe5
WorkstationNative Instruments Urban Arsenal 24.5
WorkstationBig Fish Audio RIG4.5
WorkstationSteinberg HALion Sonic4.5
WorkstationUVI Emulation II4.5
WorkstationBig Fish Swagg4.5
WorkstationNative Instruments Kore 24
WorkstationEast West The Dark Side4
WorkstationUVI Hip Hop Planet4
WorkstationUVI Darklight IIX4
WorkstationIK Multimedia SampleTank 2.5 XL4
WorkstationFixed Noise Rhythm Objekt3.5
KeysNI Scarbee Vintage Keys5
KeysNI Vintage Organs5
KeysMotu Electric Keys5
KeysMotu MachFive 3 Mark 795
KeysNeo Soul Keys5
KeysBraunschwieg Upgright5
KeysSoniccouture Broken Wurli5
KeysSoniccouture EP73 Deconstructed5
KeysNative Instruments George Duke Soul Treasures4.5
KeysNative Instruments Retro Organs4.5
KeysSoniccouture Xtended Piano4.5
KeysAcousticsamples Wurlie4.5
KeysGospel Musicians MKSensation4.5
KeysNative Instruments Alicias Keys4
KeysProsonus Grand Piano4
KeysUVI Classic Electric Piano4
KeysBest Service Accordions4
KeysRhodetron Seventy Three EP4
KeysUVI Tines Anthology4
KeysNative Instruments The Giant4
KeysSoniccouture Music Boxes4
KeysBad Cat Media Music Box3.5
BassSpectrasonics Trilian5
BassOrangeTree Cherry Electric5
GuitarVir2 Electri6ity5
Guitar- BassEast West Ministry of Rock5
BassNative Instruments Rickenbacker Bass5
BassOrange Tree CoreBass Pear4.5
BassRob Papen Sub Boom Bass4.5
BassWave Alchemy Bass Pedals4.5
GuitarMotu MachFive 3 Telematic4.5
BassNative Instruments Scarbee Pre Bass4
GuitarNative Instruments Scarbee Funk Guitarist4
GuitarVir2 Acoustic Legends HD4
Drum & PercNI DAMAGE5
Drum & PercCinesamples Drums of War5
Drum & PercCinesamples Metallurgy5
Drum & PercFXpansion BFD Eco5
Drum & GrooveFXpansion Tremor5
Drum & GrooveOne Small Clue Poise5
Drum & GrooveNI Maschine5
Drum & GrooveRob Papen Punch4.5
Drum & PercSTN DruMM4.5
Drum & PercSoundiron Apocalypse Ensemble4.5
Drum & PercDrumasonic4.5
Drum & PercBig Fish Audio Studio Kit Builder4.5
Drum & PercSoundiron Rust 34.5
Drum & percNI Battery 34
Drum & PercVir2 World Impact Global Percussion4
Drum & PercWorld Sounds Deluxe Set4
Drum & PercSoundiron Tuned Artillery4
Drum & GrooveFXpansion GURU4
Drum & GrooveFXpansion Geist4
Drum & PercWavesfactory Tea Towel Drum3.5
CinematicHeavyocity Evolve Mutaitons Bundle5
CinematicSamplelogic Cinematic Guitars5
CinematicBest Service Epic World5
CinematicHeavyocity AEON Collection5
CinematicNative Instruments Paranormal Spectrums4.5
Sound DesignCinematic Sound Design4.5
CinematicSamplelogic Acoustix4.5
CinematicBest Service Forest Kingdom4.5
CinematicBig Fish Audio Dark Skies4.5
CinematicCinematique Instruments4.5
CinematicVir2 Fractured: Prepared Acoustic Guitar4.5
CinematicSteinberg Dark Planet4.5
CinematicMASSIVE Darkscore II4.5
CinematicBiolabs: Light Space4.5
CinematicMASSIVE Darkscore III4.5
CinematicVir2 Violence4
CinematicVir2 Q4
CinematicZero-G Perception4
CinematicGecko: Complex Environs4
Sound DesignSonic Laboratory4
Brass & WindVir2 MOJO Horn Section5
Brass & WindChris Hein Horns Compact5
Brass & WindCinesamples CineBrass Pro5
Brass & WindCinesamples CineBrass4.5
Brass & WindOrangeTree Passion Flute4.5
Brass & WindBest Service Desert Winds4.5
Brass & WindNI Session Horns4.5
Brass & WindWallander WIVI Band4
Brass & WindAudio Genetics Lab Native Flute3.5
WorldQuantum Leap RA4.5
WorldBest Service Gu Zheng4.5
WorldImpact Soundworks Koto Nation4.5
OrchestralKirk Hunter Concert Strings II5
OrchestralProjectSAM Orchestral Essentials5
OrchestralCinesamples CineOrch4.5
OrchestralZero-G Animato4.5
OrchestralSONiVOX Symphonic Ensemble Strings4.5
OrchestralGarritan Personal Orchestra 44.5
OrchestralNI Action Strings4.5
OrchestralNI Session Strings4
OrchestralMOTU Symphonic Instrument4
OrchestralZero-G Spiritoso4
OrchestralCinematic Strings4
OrchestralBig Fish Audio London Solo Strings4
OrchestralBig Fish Audio London Solo Strings4