NI Maschine 1.8 Software update overview

Submitted by on Sep 24, 2012

Hey just a heads up the Maschine 1.8 update is out, I posted a quick overview video earlier this morning about it on YouTube

Check it out

also make sure you subscribe to the youtube channel for more tutorials on the new update



  1. J says:

    I thought this wasn’t coming out until Oct 1.? Oh well, I’m not complaining:)

  2. Insite says:

    Good Looking out St Joe. we can always count on you for the low down on dope ish!

  3. Dapz SJ… Good to see what I saw. 1.8 looks great indeed. Good up on dis Joe.

  4. T!fsterBeatz says:

    Good Job St.Joe !

  5. Dj Jambone says:

    Great vid with outstanding intro and review of the plugin as always Saint.
    Have you seen Native Instruments new plugin series called : Premium Tube That’s has EQ’s with very nice sound quality and very easy to use?

  6. 320fresh says:


    im tryin to install nexus plugin on window and use in maschine do u have a video for that or can u help ya boy out

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