Modernbeats RnB Keyz Chopz review

Submitted by on Feb 6, 2013

Hey what’s good fam! I’m still getting back in the groove after NAMM but glad to be back with a new review for ya.

Today I’m checking out some smooth keyboard chops from

You know how we do it so let’s just get into it!

What is RnB Keyz Chopz?


It’s a huge collection of 660 one shot keyboard samples

The style of the samples is geared towards RnB, Hip Hip, and Urban music styles

The concept is to provide you with a bunch of smaller one shot riffs and chops which allow you to put them together in many different ways.

They provide the samples in various auto loading formats for the most popular software samplers

This makes it quick to load and experiment with the sounds as soon as you get the product.

Quick Specs

  • content: 660 oneshots, 266MB, 33 patches
  • format: WAV, Acid, Halion, Battery, Kontakt, NN-XT, Refill, EXS24, Soundfont, FLStudio
  • price: $29.95

How does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderThese sample have a nice and smooth sound to them.

They are well recorded and there is quite a bit of diversity in terms of the styles and techniques covered in the phrases that the chops come from.

It’s not one type of sound either. You get some EP, Acoustic Piano, and even some more bell-like keys and synthy parts.

The tempos are slow, at 64 and 69 bpm which adds to the smooth feel of the library.

However, with them being chopped up into smaller pieces, you can make these samples work in many different tempos even without time stretching or altering the tempo in any way.

Overall I feel they have a nice sound do them and the format of them being chopped up allows you to come up with new ideas very quickly.

So what’s the bottom line?

I personally feel you can never go wrong with some good key samples.

This library has a lot to offer in terms of the auto load patches as well as the fact that you have access to all of the samples individually.

4subsI give RnB Keyz Chopz 4 out of 5 subs, it’s a straight forward product that sounds good and sparks inspiration quickly.

They have a few other “key chop” libraries that I’m gonna have to checkout as I find it’s very easy to play around with the chops and come up with new ideas and concepts on the fly.

Also, as with all Modernbeats purchases, you qualify for a free song submit when you order. That means you get to submit one of your tracks/songs through their placement opportunity system for free….can’t argue with that!

So head on over and check it out:

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think


  1. bairahrecordings says:

    I’ve been missing with Modern Beats for minute,I got just about they best loops and sounds they have to offer,the best service they got is they custom services where someone can have Modern beats make them their on loops to his or hers own liken, most of Modern beats sounds and loops are gear towards a Timberland type of sound, don’t get me wrong they have other major artists type of sounds and loops but for the most part mostly Timberland.

  2. SoundsAndGear says:

    word, they been in the game for a minute, just depends on what you looking for, I think they got a nice variety of hits and such

  3. Cadillac's Beats says:

    Really hot yo!!!

  4. SoundsAndGear says:

    thanks for watching fam

  5. ChetaMeister . says:

    modernbeats used to be the king to me but have taken the backseat as of late. good video tho. keep em coming.

  6. NexxBeatz TV says:

    Thanks for these reviews Fam, they are always helpful!

  7. cyco211 says:

    sounds nice.. woulda been Great if they woulda provided Tonal Key/Scale information…. its 2013 .. ijs

  8. friDAY says:

    If I didn’t play keys already I’d pick up this joint.

  9. SoundsAndGear says:

    word, thanks for checking

  10. SoundsAndGear says:

    no doubt thanks for watching

  11. SoundsAndGear says:

    checkout mpc-samples

  12. SoundsAndGear says:

    I feel you fam

  13. Haralduz7 says:

    This is really good, nice sound to it

  14. mgarandsniper says:

    hey man im really sorry to ask you this here you dont have to read it but on the sparkLEwhen you said you can play a sample on it ,does it record the sample toolike a sampler?or you just load the sample you already have to the sparkLEI still want it anyway thanksalot…

  15. SoundsAndGear says:

    no, it’s not a sampler, you can load samples into it but it doesn’t record audio samples

  16. mgarandsniper says:

    hey thanks Joe!

  17. SoundsAndGear says:

    no problem man!

  18. Nomarr161 says:

    Nice review I heard a few things that sparked some ideas…even though I’m not a big fan of pre-made chops prefer to play my own parts and chop those, that being said I do like getting ideas from these sort of samples and that’s what’s important at the end of the day any source that sparks an idea that leads you to a new track cheers Sj

  19. SoundsAndGear says:

    I’m the same way, but sometimes you never know where inspiration or creativity will spark from :)

  20. DubleOProductionz says:

    Thanks bro

  21. E-BANGA says:

    Sounds good, be dope if they added a Maschine version tho, (wink wink nudge nudge) hahahaha 😉

  22. JoshuaHults says:

    This looks like 1 of the easiest chops of all time

  23. SoundsAndGear says:

    The samples already come in chop format for various samplers or you can just load the waves into whatever sampler you wish

  24. JoshuaHults says:

    This seems like cheating lol lol

  25. SoundsAndGear says:

    People say that about all types of samples in general lol. I say, what is there to cheat at? LOL

  26. JoshuaHults says:

    hahahahaha Thats a good point lol. I guess in a way we all cheat, with our synths that come with everything we need to make a sound, or the kontakt wave file instruments that have everything mapped out and recorded already. Your 100% right, we all cheat to get the desired end result no matter how you look at it lol.

  27. SoundsAndGear says:

    LOL hahahaha…I figure, unless you’re playing everything from an actual instrument, and building every sound from scratch, we all use a lil help here and there. The end result is all that matters :)

  28. JoshuaHults says:

    I agree with you 100%…. There are people who can put different samples together far better than others, its an art in itself

  29. SoundsAndGear says:

    true indeed

  30. Fheyd2Black says:


  31. SoundsAndGear says:

    thanks for watching fam

  32. Baddboy2000 says:

    SJ: Modern Beats has brought out the true sound of RnB with this kit.
    Thank You for presenting this “Great Video Review”.

  33. antonionordstrom says:

    I agree that in a sense its cheating having access to premade chops/instruments etc but at the same time people sittin at home tryna make music needs to have the same possibilities as them big time producers. Its not right that some get pole position cause of money.. Great review as always! One love from sweden!

  34. SoundsAndGear says:

    I don’t think position or money anything has to do with it, some people just have different skills. Some like to play their own keys, some like to sample/chop :)

  35. antonionordstrom says:


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