Maschine Tutorial site coming soon!

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Just a quick update, something I’ve been working on for quite a while and finally feel close enough to spill the beans.

I will be opening up an exclusive Maschine tutorial site soon, I’ve been getting quite a lot of inquiries about Maschine tutorials, courses, etc…so I been working hard on bringing something useful to the community.

Don’t worry, these will be very affordable :)

More details soon, check it out, sign up for the mailing list if you’re interested, and be on the lookout for more information over the next few weeks as we get closer to launch time!

If you’re a Maschine user or plan to be, and have any specific questions or topics you would like to see covered just let me know.

Let me know what you think, leave a comment below

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59 Responses to “Maschine Tutorial site coming soon!”

  1. 01halo says:

    yeah that’s cool..

  2. J grizz says:

    Dope can’t wait to peep it

  3. dmj says:

    this is awesome!!…i really look forward to this

  4. Keep it up sj, you are an asset to our community.

  5. mehdo says:

    Whats up man I think that is dope but Im still caught inbetween a MV 8000 or Maschine or Ableton live I’m really trying to scale down I want a mixture of both hardware and software I sold my cubase, project 5 and BTV all I have now is Reason 5 and Record 1.5 and my Mophatt with the X lead rom so im trying to figure out what would intergrate better with these two so let me know what you think

    • saintjoe says:

      @mehdo, I hear ya man, both will integrate in different ways, but it really sounds like you are set on a hardware sequencer so I would say at least give that a try, as you can always sale that and turn around and purchase Maschine.

      I personally love Maschine over any current hardware sequencer/sampler, but that’s just my personal opinion for my own workflow.

      • mehdo says:

        @saintjoe, my thing is MV8000 and MPC 1000 only has 2midi outs Ableton live I can buy a 4×4 midisport and have that as my main sequencer and add a few vst’s if I want oh and one more thing what do you use ableton live for now?

    • Sinosure says:

      @mehdo, I got the MV 8800 for a grand new, so that was a “no brainer”!! My plans are to keep it & get Maschine! I’ve always wanted a hardware piece so the MV fits that build. I will take my time learning it while focusing on Maschine as my main piece. Technology is moving in that direction so that’s why I choose to do things in that manner. The MV is all in one, so when I’m burnt out on computer related beats, I can get on there. Plus it will be highly sought after one day soon, so why not have the best of both worlds!!!!

      • saintjoe says:

        @Sinosure, I fully agree with what you said, and it’s for this reason I have plans to have some sort of hardware drum machine/sequencer…for those times when I just want to get away from the computer. Depending on how things shape up, beat thang could fill that void. But I will keep my eyes open for anything from Roland or Akai as well lol…

        Maschine is my main thing, but I do want to have something for those times when I want to get away from the computer.

      • mehdo says:

        @Sinosure, I wonder if anyone ever used a touch screen to maybe move there faders and knobs along with their hardware controllers. yeah I do get like that sometimes thats why Im looking at some hardware.

  6. Sinosure says:

    WoW St. Joe, this is BIG bruh!!! Now “we” beginners as well as advanced users will have something to anchor down with when using Maschine!! This is especially nice for me since I’ll be getting Maschine soon! This is nice of you bruh!!!

    • saintjoe says:

      @Sinosure, word man! trust me, it’s going to be something special, even though it’s a maschine tutorial site, and that’s the focus, it will have other stuff for music production in general, so it will be a great spot to be, free of all the drama found in many public communities :)

  7. Echo says:

    That’s hot, though I am a Reason fiend! Someone will be helped by it and that’s what it’s all about.

  8. Pat says:

    Oh, man! I learn something new about the Maschine every time I use it so this is gonna be a great bookmark. Always trust your opinions/reviews and that makes watching your vids a ‘must’ so I’m gonna be all over this when it opens. Maximum respect! :thumbup:

    • saintjoe says:

      @Pat, cool man! It will be for more than just beginners, some cool stuff planned so it will definitely be THE place to be for Maschine users ;)

      If I do say so myself lol hahaha, nah, but I’m really excited about it for sure.

  9. DefCience says:

    I can’t wait fam! I know you’ll bring the knowledge, so you can’t on me to be signed up.

  10. everythingbutthegirl says:

    Hey bru!

    Looking forward to it. It’s like an early Christmas present.

    Ta very much!

  11. smoovbeats says:

    It’s about time someone did that. Thanx SJ, i will def sign up.

  12. alphabet4 says:

    Count me in!!!!!

  13. You stay busy don’t you bro lol. I’m looking forward to checking that out.
    btw, I think you will be the first to have a site with tutorials/training specifically setup for Maschine (not including YouTube videos or the Native Instruments site).

    I’m sure it will be dope. I’ll keep an eye out.

    • saintjoe says:

      @Madbull Studios, you know I stay busy brotha lol, it’s been in the works for a minute, it will be a private community as well so not just something for folks new to Maschine, will be the spot to be for Maschine users of all types :)

  14. Producer says:

    Yooo I think it would be dope to have the website design be based off of Maschine. For example, have the navigation tabs at the top resemble the orange buttons on Maschine. Just my $.02

    • saintjoe says:

      @Producer, thanks for the input, I thought about that at first, but honestly I think it’s kinda cheesy lol, I just want to keep the navigation clean and simple.

  15. synth says:

    what up bro i have been saving to get maschine cause it looks like the Q is tight i use live now but what i like to know is how do they work together and will u show how to use with thess daw? thanks joe u always to the point if the price nice i will hit your site .thanks for keep me informed

  16. keangelo says:

    ok yea thats dope!!

  17. GedaBlaq says:

    Always the innovator. You are def loved and appreciated out here family. Been a MINUTE since we chopped it up. Last time was about the BeatKangz. Been keeping up with you and the site’s progress. Def been checkin out Big Fish Fridays. I’ve been meaning to respond/ reply and say “thank you” personally for all the emails, tutorials, sample reviews, free sample packs and always unbiased presentation, i.e., it’s hot or not. Without your reviews, a lot of us would have no idea that these sample libraries, tutorials and tricks of the trade on various DAW’s and software sequencers even existed. Moved my family from the Chi to ATL a few months back and to say that the acclimation has been hectic, would be like calling Maschine a sound module. Can’t wait for Maschine’s VST integration. To be able to use my NI and various other VST’s and AU’s inside Maschine is def going to cause problems in my marriage to Logic. A dedicated Maschine tutorial site is a godsend family. Keep it up Joe, we need you. As always, I’m here, just cloaked.

    • saintjoe says:

      @GedaBlaq, whasup my dude! good to hear from ya fam! Thanks for the support as always, I truly appreciate it fam! I wouldn’t be here doing this without support from folks like you, I appreciate all of yall man!

      Stay tuned!

      and I agree, Maschine with plugin support proposes a totally new workflow for many!

  18. blackactus says:

    a tear just came to my eye thanks man

  19. DJ Girish says:

    I just ordered Maschine on eBay today. I always loved my MPC but hated the workflow. Everybody seems to be happy with Maschine’s work flow, so can’t wait to play those damn pads.

  20. flux302 says:

    looking very good.

  21. GedaBlaq says:

    Happy New Year my family!!! Sorry for the WAAYYY late reply. I didn’t check the notification box, my bad. Glad to see you’re back up and bangin’ out beats and vids after the water fiasco (everything happens for a reason). Lord knows we need ‘dem vids! Been over at the BTV site and offered to beta test the new 2.1 update. KILLAHCANE is P-I-S-S-E-D with good reason. No word yet though. I’m chompin’ at the bit to be able to open and use BTV inside Maschine. I checked out your vid on importing BTV sounds into Maschine but being a Mac & Logic user and having very limited time between fam & gig to sit down and actually absorb your tutorial, I figured I’d just wait for your Maschine Tutorial Site to go live. Count me in right now. I’m already a subscriber and you don’t even know it yet! I can pick up half a molecule of B.S. in the air from 10 miles away. I got MAD respect for you family. Do your damn thang!
    Always here… just cloaked

    • saintjoe says:

      @GedaBlaq, word homie, thanks for the support! Yeah we trying to make something serious fam, been real busy getting things together, even though it will always be growing with new info we want to have a dope foundation from the start. People are gonna love it, there’s gonna be good reason’s to be a member even if you don’t own Maschine lol…gonna be fun man!

  22. blackactus says:

    yo id pay to be apart of it im still a moob with music production in general and macshine is my first piece of equipment i purchase so cant wait

  23. KRUZ says:

    DUDE COME ON ALREADY!!!! Hahahaha.


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