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Maschine 1.6 update released- download public beta now!

You see the title!

It’s here, Maschine 1.6 update is available for download for all registered users.

This is the public beta, so it’s not the official release, it’s still beta, but fully functional.

Make sure you backup anything you are working on and know that the point of the beta is to find and iron out any last minute bugs before the official release.

Please make sure you provide as much feedback as possible so you can help make this release as solid as possible :)

I’m excited, and I know many others are too!

Check it out!

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99 Responses to “Maschine 1.6 update released- download public beta now!”

  1. BDrake says:

    Thats it right there. Game over. The rest will have to catch up to this feature. Wish BPM could do that also. Look like I will be getting Maschine.

  2. Sinosure says:

    This is big Joe! I still haven’t gotten Maschine yet but I’m excited for you guys! I can’t wait to get Maschine now for sure! I know the Maschine forums will be a buzz!

  3. Pat says:

    AWESOME – Been wanting this for what seems like forever lol. Thanks for the heads up man.

  4. Tris says:

    I cant seem to download it. Its not clossed is it?

  5. VinnieTreux says:

    SIIIIIIICCCCK!!! This is pure greatness.

    Can you shed a little more info on padlink tho? I’d like to know the process of using it for layering, or whatever else it does.


    • saintjoe says:


      so you got a master and slave, basically the master will trigger everything in the group, where a slave will be able to work by itself when you hit it.

      So add pad to group one as master, add another to group one as slave, hit pad 1 both trigger, hit pad two, it triggers alone.

  6. flux302 says:

    emphasis on that AUTOMAP! thats what I have been majorly loving about 1.6. makes using VST’s so much better. and the automap works better than fricking novations!

  7. Jgrizz says:

    When I try to install the beta it asks me to uninstall maschine from the control panel my ques is. Is this safe i never had to do this before with any update or beta. If I uninstall won’t I lose all my data and tags from samples ? Thanks in advance

    • saintjoe says:

      @Jgrizz, that doesn’t sound right, as it’s an update so it requires maschine to be installed, let me check and find out for sure, I never had that happen.

    • saintjoe says:

      @Jgrizz, need some more info to see if we can help ya out

      Maschinetype (win/OSX)
      - Driver version
      - Controller editor version.
      - What was previously installed, which maschine version, was content installed with it, VST/RTAS only or a full installation.

      • Jgrizz says:

        @saintjoe, I’m using windows 7 with the latest updates for machine 1.5.something . All of my drivers are up to date. When installing the beta it gets to the point were it needs to uninstall then install 1.6 but a error pops up saying I have to do it on control panel

  8. madbull1971 says:

    Nice…I’m gonna enjoy this.

  9. REDDI says:

    Big ups Joe, been sitting on the sidelines bout this joint, looks like its time to jump in the game!!!

  10. intensemojo says:

    Thought this would be a better format to ask how to get sound out of the plug-ins? If a load a kit or instrument from Maschine everything works, on my keyboard too. What I cannot get to work is Reaktor, Kontact, or anything else when I load a sound. I know I am doing something wrong. Can you make a quick video on setup? or please respond to my question

    • saintjoe says:

      @intensemojo, honestly it’s just load and play, make sure you’re loading them on the first module on a sound and not on a group (instruments don’t work at group level)

  11. gwizyadig says:

    What’s up, bro. Hey, I recently got The Mouth from NI. Can I use that with 1.6? I tried to use it as a plugin before leaving for work, but it didn’t come up.

    G Wiz…ya dig?!

  12. mupone says:

    I’m getting it when I get in.

  13. TeeBlack says:

    good stuff right there

  14. J . O says:

    can I now use the Kork Nano Key with maschine with the 1.6 update?

  15. Russell Pearce says:

    What up Joe? Hey would this update erase my 1.5 saved projects. I’m a little nervous because I have some hot joints I don’t want to loose. Also, when you use a vst and save the project do it open back up playing the same sounds that was saved with the projects. I’m coming from the Mpc2000xl world of having to save program changes. Let me know homie. ONE.

    • saintjoe says:

      @Russell Pearce, always backup before doing any updates but yes, it will open all your projects and no need to save program changes! I feel you there, that’s why I’ve been wishing for this for so long lol. I came from that same background. Everything is saved in the project file, open the project and all your plugins load with the proper data, etc.

      • Russell Pearce says:

        @saintjoe, Good looking Joe! Same here, I’ve been waiting for this type of setup for a couple years now. A yo, BIGG UPS to for holding down the crown when it comes to production news info. Keep working Big Homie. ONE.

  16. 01halo says:

    Can’t find the download link.. im logged in.. and i own machine.. it tells me about downloading it but no link but i got the battery 3.2 beta download..

  17. everythingbutthegirl says:

    Hey Joe!

    This has got to be SICK. I’m so excited this is just a quite “thanks man for the vid”

  18. Mu says:

    man your videos and reviews are always great source of information.

    have you managed to get vst editors to communicate with the hardware maybe?

    thanks for this.

  19. Pat says:

    If anyone is reading this page and doesn’t yet have Maschine… C’mon Son! lol

    You know when you see the excitement all over your kid’s face on Christmas morning? That’s been me now for the past 4 hours :D This thing is just fantastic.

  20. Mannas says:

    Thanks for the video this morning! It gave me something to watch since I couldn’t check it out til after work. I just got home and am downloading it now. Can’t wait to check it out.

  21. Metatron72 says:

    Just in time! My overall dislike of Maschine’s FX was really starting to become an issue (I use standalone mostly).

    Goodbye world, see you on February 27th at the earliest :)

  22. Kruz says:

    ITS DOPE!!!! But….You know I got questions.

    When I open KONTAKT 4 in machine group A, on 1st pad. I lay down a bassline. What happens when I want to use the same instance of kontakt and use pad 2 to controll midi in 2 of KONTAKT as I add a new instrument. I had a hard time figuring that out.

    • saintjoe says:

      @Kruz, no, there is not internal midi routing like that, I asked about it as well but it will not be in this update, it would take a huge rewrite of the internal routing to make it happen. But you know I put in that request lol.

  23. Jamari says:

    Yeeeeeeeeaaah! I can’t wait to uncover whatever other goodness this update may have beneath the surface. I can wait on the internal midi routing, running another instance may be a work-around (might be a resource hog though), the pad linking is going to crazy (I wonder if it’s exclusive or could it be used in keyboard mode ad well?). I can’t help but wonder if time stretch had been added but yet to be discovered, I know that was a feature people have been wanting since day one.
    @SaintJoe: So with the stock pile of plug-ins you have, could you give some feedback on working with products like eco, geist, subboombass to name a few? I myself would like to see how well integrated the auto mapping is with kontakt, reaktor & battery, being those can get pretty deep with parameters.

    • saintjoe says:

      @Jamari, yeah man it’s dope. No timestretch yet, but they already said that wasn’t coming yet. It works with eco, subboom, and geist :) Kontakt mapping depends more on the instruments you load than kontakt itself, there’s so much available. Reaktor is nicely mapped for sure, and I have fun with battery in there. Once you try it you will love it lol. Everyone will have different ways to use it of course, which is awesome!

      • jamari says:

        @saintjoe, ya know it just occured to me, the plug-in functionality (as far as I can tell) seems to only be in referrence to the vst and au plug-in format. Would by chance the dxi format be useable as well? I’m just curious being there are some of us that may have/use fx’s and instruments found in Sony ImageLine and Cakewalk products. I know they may not be as vast a catalog as the other formats but usable just the same.
        There’s some fx in AcidPro/SoundForge (perhaps even FL Studio)that would definitely get put to work.

  24. jpeg says:

    only thing they need to fix is pad and bank selection from the controller and also the ability to select and load vst’s from the controller (if its not already there)

  25. Russell Pearce says:

    Good morning Joe! Hey I’m hearing you can’t load more than one Instrument from a plugin without opening another instance of the plugin. That kinda sucks if you want to add a bass line and strings lets say from FM8. How do you work around that issue. Do you open multiple instances of a plugin?

    • saintjoe says:

      @Russell Pearce, yes you open multiple instances. For what it’s worth, fm8 isn’t a multitimbral instrument, so you have to open multiple instances of it in whatever host you use.

      But yes, for plugins like kontakt, sampletank, etc…you have to open one on each sound, no internal midi routing. I would have liked to see it myself for different reasons, but for the most part I usually load multiple instances even when using other daws, so it’s not a huge complaint for me, but for workflow reasons I would like to see them implement it in the future.

      Right now I’m just happy I can open my plugins in Maschine and control them lol.

  26. MsTrisBeats says:

    WOWWWEEE!! Thanks man for the video.. I am so happy I could do a cart wheel right

  27. GedaBlaq says:

    You predict it and it happens! Make sure you got your PowerBall and Mega-Millions tickets family, I might need a loan! Just so you know, me and logic pro have legally separated and if Maschine has gotten as sexy as I think she has, I will pursue a divorce lol. Quick question: I’ve never participated in a beta test before, so what happens when the beta expires? After downloading, I received a message saying the beta will expire in February (can’t remember exact date). Will Maschine still operate as test version 1.6 until the final version is released/ installed? Is the beta supposed to expire? Will I need to step back down to version 1.5? In my confusion, I refer to the Guru (that be you lol)!

    • saintjoe says:

      @GedaBlaq, the beta will never expire, before it does you will either have a new beta or a final release, they never leave us out in the cold lol.

      It won’t stop working on ya, despite what the nag screen says, that’s just a reminder that it’s a beta version lol.

  28. GedaBlaq says:

    Thanks Joe, I needed that! Now get the site up fam, before my wife has to do an intervention on me lol!

  29. lex says:

    saintjoe post the update link up 1.6 beta because it’s always down on native instruments. my email address hit me up homey

  30. Mstrklla says:

    What up Saint Joe,

    What kind of Skin is that on your Maschine?


  31. Mehdo says:

    Going to get maschine monday

  32. Jgrizz says:

    Hey Saint Joe have u heard of a bug with the barcount on the hardware mine is stuck at 1:1:1 since the beta update.

  33. That’s Nice! I wonder if my computer can handle Maschine. I need to upgrade. That Firebird Synth sounds very cool! I’ve never heard of it.

  34. Darren says:

    Hey Man –
    I’ve been tracking drums within Maschine 1.6 – very cool. I did notice the audio on the drum track fades out every 30 seconds or so. Is that the beta software? Or do I have something else going on?

  35. lex says:

    1.6 is a beast!!! just like maschine!! native instruments just shut the game down!! and it’s only going to get better

  36. e j says:

    hi hope all is well thanks for sampels when is the official 1.6 out as my betta has expierd and cant see no download in my service centre thanks for all the help


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