How to add libraries to Kontakt and fix the library not found error

I get a lot of questions when it comes to adding libraries to Kontakt.

Especially for those who first learned of Kontakt through the Kontakt Player.

Any libraries made for Kontakt Player show up or can be added to the library tab so they show up on the left side of Kontakt.

However there are TONS of Kontakt format libraries that are not licensed specifically for the player, these libraries cannot be added to the library tab….officially.

So I wanted to make a quick video showing how to organize other Kontakt libraries that you can’t add to the library tab so that you can still quickly access them.

Hopefully this helps you out, let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. Psuke says:

    thanks man, i was just lookin smth about this this morning!

  2. J-Rizzle Produxshenz says:

    THANKS A MILLLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this has been an issue for a long time and I just gave up on Kontakt! Good lookin G!

  3. J-Rizzle Produxshenz says:

    anytime fam…keep da good stuff comin! Question…know of any good hip hop fxb for sylenth1?

  4. J-Rizzle Produxshenz says:

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa???? Not a fan????

  5. J-Rizzle Produxshenz says:

    i’d love to see ya review it….so far its pretty sweet…its got a real high quality sound and TONS of fxb (expansions)

  6. John, says:

    This is tremendously helpful! Thank you!!

  7. Baddboy2000 says:

    SJ: Thanks for this tutorial. “My error has been solved”.

  8. E5L says:

    Another method is to just copy the folder containing library that isn’t found inside of another library that is licensed. Then they show up under that library.

    I usually just put them in my default Kontakt Library folder, and they show up!

    • saintjoe says:

      Yep, I’m just very particular, I don’t like dissimilar libraries showing up under the same product LOL. But I do take products from the same company and do that :)

  9. Hasznone says:

    what up man this is Hasznone from the Maschine Family once again you are the cat in the Kontakt/Native Instruments hat another long awaited Jewel!! Definitely something I’ve always wondered about, thanks again for the perfected workflow tip!

  10. herisson says:

    This have been very useful. It simplifies the workflow. I have another problem that I find cumbersome to deal with: is there a quick way to unload a multi? The only way I have found so far is to kill all its loaded elements.

    Many tx.

  11. Dropxbeatsx says:

    I’m gonna love this even more now man thanks a lot

  12. Raja says:

    I’ve purchased Modern billboard library from Studiolinkedvst and when i load it up in my Kontakt 5 free player, it shows up as a demo. Can you help me out with that problem?

  13. Macrey says:

    Thank you so munch we been doing this for about a week and half, keep getting the error no library found , I’ll try this later I’m so glad I found. You, you are the best. Thank you

  14. chuck says:


    I’m using K5 and I need to re-add a few libraries such as K4 every time it loads up, any suggestion how i can make it stay? thx!

  15. Mikey G says:

    Hey I have a question. I have the Colossus Library Files that I understand you have to load into Kontakt? I have Kontakt 5 as a Stand-Alone as well as a Plugin for FL Studio. When I try to load one of the instruments into Kontakt it gives me “This patch cannot be loaded! Make sure that the original library is properly activated.” I’ve tried a bunch of different things, still cant seem to figure it out. Any help brotha?

  16. Joseph says:

    I’m getting the same library error even when I installed and activated Session Horns in Kontact 5.1. Any suggestions?

  17. Joseph says:

    Here’s the fix from Native Instruments that finally worked for m

    In order to solve this problem, you must completely uninstall and reinstall
    the [NI LIBRARY] including all installation information.

    *Anti-Virus & Security*

    *Please disable any anti-virus, spy-ware protection, and/or any other Internet
    security software before proceeding. It is important that the Registry in Windows
    (XP/Vista/ 7) is accessible by installers and uninstallers. Without this the
    inability to resolve the issue will occur.

    Please proceed to uninstall via the Add/Remove Programs control panel (Windows XP)
    or the Programs and Features (Vista / 7) from the Control Panel. You must also
    deactivate the User Account Control in Windows Vista / 7 (32bit/64bit).
    Deactivating UAC is quite easy, here’s what you need to do:

    Windows 7 (32/64-bit)
    * Go to the START Menu, type “UAC” in the START SEARCH and press enter. You
    will see in the search results “Change User Account Control settings”.

    * Click “Change User Account Control Settings”.

    * You will see a graphical ‘slider’. Manually click and drag the ‘virtual
    slider’ all the way down to the ‘Never Notify’ setting and click on OK (button).

    * You can now close the User Accounts home page. You need to reboot the
    computer for changes to apply.

    (Note that you can re-enable UAC by manually click and drag the ‘virtual slider
    back to the ‘Default’ setting (second position from the top) and click on OK (button).

    *Registry Editing*

    In some more difficult cases, you may the need to manually remove files from the
    Registry in Windows. This can be done with the Registry Editor as follows:

    *Please note that the Registry is in many ways the backbone of the system. Please
    be careful to not delete any files that are not mentioned here. You may render
    your operating system useless. This will result in a re-installation of Windows
    from scratch.

    * *1.Open the Registry Editor.
    The most common and quickest way to launch this application is press the WINDOWS
    button (aka Start Menu/ Windows Logo button) and the letter “R” on your keyboard.
    This will open the “RUN” command tool. In the open field, here you type “regedit”
    (without the quotes) and press ENTER.

    (Alternatively you can click on the Start menu and then: (XP) click on “RUN”_
    OR_(VISTA / 7) in the Start Search; please type ‘regedit’ here.)

    * *2.Find and Delete an entry.

    Windows Vista/ 7 (64-bit)
    Please expand the folders until you reach the folder in question at both of the
    following locations:



    (If you have the right folder selected [highlighted folder name] when the bottom
    of the window reads:



    Please right click on folder to get the “Delete” option. Select the “Delete”
    function. When prompted with “Are you sure you want to permanently delete this key
    and all of its subkeys?” Please select Yes.


    Please then reinstall from the original installer DVD. Remember to update to the
    latest version of the software. You can download and install the latest update
    that is available in our Update Manager (either in the Service Center or on our

  18. anyone have any good leads on where to obtain creative commons or public domain voice samples (via the internet), like from speeches, old movies or what have you..any help would be greatly appreciated..

  19. @jayswaqq27 says:

    wherer can i get free good sounds 4 trap music?

  20. there ARE a bunch of free VSTI’s out there..though they arent geared towards anything but sound…how i look at its kinda impossible to make one specific VSTi for a specific genre…i mean i can take a walmart casio and make some dope trap sounds ya dig?…but peep these…

    hope that helps ya some, happy trappin..

  21. @jayswaqq27 says:

    ty guys

  22. Tuchtone says:

    Im having an issue with installing SWAGG vst….im getting the the same issue no library found…can you help me

    • saintjoe says:

      Swagg is a player library make sure you’re adding the right folder the one with the instruments on it

      • Tuchtone says:

        I took all the right steps …still having the same issue

        • saintjoe says:

          Only thing I can think of is you’re not adding the right folder, if there are too many levels between the folder and content it won’t work.

  23. Andres says:

    I removed all the registry entries but It still says that I have a previous version installed. I don’t know what else to do.

  24. Andres says:

    Of Kontact. Actually my problem was that the installation was aborted and when I tryed to install it again it says that I already have a full version installed. I can’t erase it completely, even erasing the reg entries.

  25. Andres says:

    It seems that I wasn’t erasing all the lines in register. I finally uninstalled it completelly.

  26. sweet ilness says:

    What can I do when I manually add the library and then I get a message “This patch is encrypted and cannot be loaded unless the respective Library is registered properly”?


  27. MckayBeats says:

    Thanks!! Help me out a lot!

  28. Ben Makinen says:

    RE No Library Found:
    Great tip – saved the day! Thank you!

  29. Pat says:

    Thanks! Saved me some time!

  30. Mouhamed says:

    I’ve been struggling for three months to find a way to fix the (Demo mode) when I use the studiolinkedvsts in my kontakt 5 that I purchased with activation key and everything. everytime i play the sounds it’s only available for 30 minutes after it says demo time out. I even Uninstalled it and install it again but i’m having the same problem.

    I would appreciate your help. Thank’s

    • saintjoe says:

      It sounds like you’re using kontakt player and not the full verison of kontakt, which is why you get the demo when trying to load non kontakt player files

  31. Mouhamed says:

    Thank’s but .. How can I do to get the full version because this kontakt is from the komplete 8 that I bought 6 months ago

  32. Frank&Stang says:

    If you have always “library not found error”, and if you have too the following message: “this patch is encrypted and cannot be loaded unless the respective library is registered properly kontakt” just turn off your antivirus software…

  33. Alex says:

    nope, whenever I want to load them just as you did i got this message saying “The patch is encrypted and cannot be loaded unless the respective Library is registered properly”
    Then if I open kontakt as admin. I can add the library freely with no problem. But if I open my daw and load the kontakt, said library has dissapeared and so on, here I cannot add the library. I tried oppening my daw as admin but wont solve a thing. :(

    • saintjoe says:

      Very weird, especially if it’s a Kontakt Player library. I would check your folder permissions on the Kontakt/library folders to make sure you have full access.


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