Going Modular: Episode #8 – Synthrotek MIDI to CV Expander


synthrotek_midi_to_cv_expanderIn today’s episode of ‘Going Modular’ I’m taking a look at the Synthrotek MIDI to CV expander module. Big shout out to Synthrotek for letting me check this one out.

Basically it’s a really cool utility expander for their MIDI to CV module, which I actually featured a few episodes back.  This expander allows you to trigger multiple MIDI channels in your rack, or even multiple notes if you want.

I have mine setup to play duophonic notes, basically that means I can play two notes at once…cool stuff.

Oh, there’s also a built in arp that works when feeding it a clock, plus you have direct outputs for modwheel, aftertouch, and velocity to use them as modulation sources, a quick way to use the mod source is to send it to filter cv to control cutoff with your modwheel.

Dope stuff in a small package, though the lazy part of me wishes you could change MIDI channels from the front panel somehow 😉

You can grab it from Synthrotek’s website for $149.99: http://store.synthrotek.com/MST-MIDI-to-CV-Expander_p_575.html?AffId=7

It’s also available in other spots that sell modular, and I have plans to add some to my shop as well as soon as I can!

If you have any questions let me know, leave a comment below and let me know what you think about this joint.

Going Modular: Episode #8 – Synthrotek MIDI to CV Expander
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