Going Modular: Episode #4 – MIDI Control with the Synthrotek MIDI To CV Module


MIDI_to_CVIn this episode of Going Modular I wanted to talk about MIDI input and sync.

Once you start building a modular at some point you’re going to want to actually play and/or sequence it. If you don’t have a sequencer module or some sort of touch input module, you’re most likely going to want to play it with whatever keyboard or synth you have laying around or sequence it with your DAW.

The Synthrotek MIDI To CV module allows me to connect MIDI and USB devices for proper playing and syncing. Sure I could use my Minibrute’s CV outputs to play my modular, and I’ve done that many times. However I also wanted to run the BeatStep Pro, as well as my iPad along with playing from my Minibrute keys…this module makes that super simple.

It shows up via usb just like any other USB MIDI interface in whatever host or app you’re using, and the traditional MIDI input just works.

You can quickly set your MIDI channel by holding the button and sending it a note, but I just left mine on channel 1.

It’s a small module but definitely something you’d want to consider if you need USB/MIDI input and sync options without taking up a bunch of space.

You can grab it from the Synthrotek store as a diy kit ($124.99) or the full module ($199.99): MIDI To CV Module

As usual, let me know what you think or if you have any questions!

Going Modular: Episode #4 – MIDI Control with the Synthrotek MIDI To CV Module
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  1. Real Nice man. I like the fact you even through up a high res shot of the module on the web page. Dude if it was for the maxtrixbrute and minimoog model D, it would be going down.

    • Hahaha no doubt fam, I feel you on the Brute man, I always wanted a Model D but not sure about this new one, and this modular got me open LOL!


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