Going Modular: Episode #11 – Synthrotek RND Random Module


Hey what’s up fam! I’m back with another episode of going modular.

Today I have another module from Synthrotek, this one was a surprise as I didn’t even know they were sending it over! No complaints though!

It is a random module that is super slim but very powerful. It can be clocked internally or externally and also can send clock out to other modules.

It has faders (like the sythrotek adsr module) with leds that blink to the rate of the clock/modulation.

You get CV control over both the rate and the range…oh yeah…it has a range slider that lets you control how wide or narrow the randomization is.

Overall this is a super dope random module that is easy to understand and implement into your rack.

Check it out over at the Syntrotek shop.  http://store.synthrotek.com/RND_p_687.html?AffId=7

I’m an affiliate of Synthrotek so if you use my link I’ll get a small percentage of the sale…much appreciated it you do 🙂

Let me know what you think!

Going Modular: Episode #11 – Synthrotek RND Random Module
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