Going Modular: Episode #10 – Synthrotek ADSR


synthrotek_adsr_moduleWelcome back to another episode of ‘Going Modular’, in today’s episode I’m taking a look at the new ADSR module from Synthrotek.

This is a small envelope generator that actually has faders on it! I was super excited to check this out when they first announced it…even more excited when they sent one over for me to play with!

One cool thing about this ADSR module is that the faders have led lights on them that actually light up in relation to how the envelope is working…pure dopeness.

I like the fact that it doesn’t take up a lot of space, I actually look forward to adding at least one more to my rack.

You can also use it in looping mode so no external gate required to get it to trigger your vca or other modules. That’s a cool way to experiment and even use it as a sort of lfo module..or just another modulation source.

Really cool module, you can grab it from Synthrotek for $124.99 http://store.synthrotek.com/ADSR_p_624.html?AffId=7

If you’re looking for an envelope generator that doesn’t take up a bunch of space yet packs a nice punch, definitely consider this one.

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions, peace!


Going Modular: Episode #10 – Synthrotek ADSR
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