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Fatloud Urban Orchestra 3 review

Yo what’s good fam! Back at you with another soundhound

Today I’m checking out one of my favorite companies, Fatloud.

This is the third volume of their Urban Orchestra series, straight up orchestra loops with an urban edge.

Let’s check it out

So what’ is Urban Orchestra 3?

The concept behind Urban Orchestra is a collection of brass, strings, horns, keys, etc…

all played in styles that work well for hip hop, pop, rnb, and urban music

They come with key info and in tempos of 100, 95, 90, 85, and 80 bpm.

All perfect tempos for urban music


Quick Specs

  • content: 75 orchestral loops in multi formats
  • format: 16bit/24bit wav, apple loops, rex, refill
  • price: $25.19

How does it sound?

We know if it comes from Fatloud it’s gonna sound dope, at least I’ve come to expect this.

This collection is no exception. What I like about it, is that it is diverse.

You have huge powerful chords, smooth keys, deep brass, clean pad like riffs, and even some dirty vinyl style loops.

The loops are long enough that you can find stuff to chop, but dope enough that you’ll be fine if you don’t chop em

The recordings themselves are clean and high quality, no random clicks and pops.

Also each loops has the key information in it, perfect for quickly mixing and matching loops in your project.

I like how you have a mixture of real sounding strings and synth style strings/horns together, really gives it a dope texture.

What’s the bottom line?

The bottom line is that it’s Fatloud, you really can’t go wrong with anything they put out, their track record speaks for itself.

The price isn’t too steep and the quality greatly outshines the price, there’s enough variety to keep you busy chopping things up.

However, the parts are so well played that they could be the perfect part to finish or start your next piece, you don’t always have to chop it up!

I give this library 4 out of 5 subs, very solid orchestra collection that definitely has an urban edge to it.

No matter if you want to go smooth or rough, you can find it.

Check out the free demo loops: urban orchestra 3 demo loops

Also, Fatloud is having a summer sale right now, you can get this library in the Pro Series bundle which is 50% off right now at the fatloopshop

leave a comment below, let me know what you think



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34 Responses to “Fatloud Urban Orchestra 3 review”

  1. diggy says:

    This sounds cool, I will definitely check it out especially since they have a lot of sales which will make it a steal because it is already at a good price. Very dope beat too by the way.

    As always great job.

  2. dion says:

    That was hot im feeling that saintjoe. peace

  3. Tony says:

    i’m sold as aways great review

  4. microtease says:

    Nice SJ Thank You

  5. Niggasorous says:


  6. Madbull Studios says:

    You laced that track bro. Had me noddin’ my head.
    Picking this up. Thx for the 411.

  7. Echo says:

    I have it. Haven’t even messed with it yet, but your review has me salivatin’. Dope track.

  8. dula says:

    nice wats good wit some good fish friday or some candy for that kontkat

    • saintjoe says:

      @dula, big fish friday…it’s only wednesday lol. Recently reviewed a guitar and a synth library for kontakt, peep the recent posts yo!

      Thanks for the reply!

  9. Thomasgreco says:

    Nice sounds in the library, I think that little chop up you did there has the makings of a pretty strong track SJ ;)

  10. everythingbutthegirl says:

    Hey Joe!

    Loved what I was hearing especially the drums!

    Peace Bru

  11. everythingbutthegirl says:


  12. Dukemoney says:

    You put that together quick and the sounds were clean. I need to get into software production been working with hardware so long. I need to make that switch I tried one time years ago and just couldn’t get the midi setup right but the way you did it is just like I do it on the hardware loop the bars and put it down much love fam the site is real.

    • saintjoe says:

      @Dukemoney, that’s whasup my dude. I cam from hardware as well, things have definitely changed in the software world now fam, def work taking another look.

      Thanks for the comment fam

  13. reggdetroit says:

    thanx fam! you guys got my production 1000 percent better. the samples dope. keep em comin. luv what yall doin over there and thanks again. Reggdetroit

  14. Mike says:

    these sound real good …nice beat bro!

  15. sky says:

    u did it again..thanx homie

  16. Yo, That track is DOPE!!! I just noticed we have the same “Focusrite Audio Interface” lol. Great minds think alike

    • saintjoe says:

      @Brandon Carter, thanks my dude! I been putting cats on these joints man, Focusrite got some dope joints, and I love the routing software, loopback recording is MAJOR lol.

  17. Nice vid! That beat was nice too. St.Joe, you should post a video and create a dope beat for us. I’m talking from the beginning to end. I know you got mad skills. I would like to hear one from you. :)

    • saintjoe says:

      @Jeremy Gilbert, thanks for watching fam. I get that question a lot, I’m just not much of a “beat video” guy, as that’s what everyone else does…so I do this :)


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