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Dope Loops Lil Dope Piano

Hey what’s good fam!

I’m back with another sample library to show you, this one is from Fatloud through their Dope Loops sub label.

It’s part of the “Lil Dope” series, which basically gives you a small dose of Dope Loops content at an attractive price.

Today I’m checking out the Lil Dope Piano, so let’s get into it!

What is Lil Dope: Piano?


This is a small collection of piano loops, chords, and MIDI files from Dope Loops.

The idea is to give you a quick dose of inspiration and content in a particular instrument.

As always you get the tempo and key information in the files for quick auditioning and use.

So it’s for those that want some new sounds, or that want some piano sounds but don’t need a huge library for it.

Quick Specs

  • content: 20 loops, 20 chords, 20 MIDI loops
  • format: wav, acid, aiff, refill, rex, apple loops, MIDI
  • price: $17.97
  • product page:

How does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderThe style of the loops is instantly usable without being cheesy sounding at all.

I also like the fact that the loops are long enough that you can extract a few different pieces if you wish.

The inclusion of oneshot chords really makes composing new ideas fast and quick.

For those that just want to “sample” with MIDI and point it to other sounds, having the MIDI files really gives you a a way to get creative.

Even though MIDI doesn’t make sound in itself, I still think it’s inclusion is part of the overall sound and experience of the library

So what’s the bottom line?

Sometimes you’re just looking for a little inspiration, maybe a specific instrument or something to work with without dropping out for a large collection of sounds.

This library and the rest in the Lil Dope series allow you to quickly get a good collection of usable sounds and hits at a decent price.

4subsI give Lil Dope Piano 4 out of 5 subs, it’s well played, well organized, and instantly usable.

Go on over and check it out for yourself

Don’t forget to checkout the rest of the series as well as all the other dope samples over at fatloud

leave a comment below, let me know what you think!

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47 Responses to “Dope Loops Lil Dope Piano”

  1. oitrewq says:

    Is there no way to chop up the samples to the beat, I mean by the measure/bar so that it will be in sync with the beat always.

  2. Kharon says:


  3. Kharon says:

    Which DAW Software do u use? Or which one do you prefere?

  4. SoundsAndGear says:

    I mainly use Maschine but sometimes ableton live or studio one

  5. SoundsAndGear says:

    you can chop it however you wish, I prefer to chop it up manually but you can autoslice it and have it create a pattern to play in time with your tempo if you wish

  6. dhaferharrathi says:

    plz what’s the name of your sampler i wanna get one like yours !

  7. SoundsAndGear says:

    native instruments maschine

  8. budda17654 says:

    Saint Joe thanks for adding the product link. Keep up the great work.

  9. SoundsAndGear says:

    no problem fam, it was a great suggestion :)

  10. Einhard Luther says:

    Cool stuff. Thanks.Einhard

  11. Early Bird says:

    What is the program your using to listen to and chop up the sample?

  12. Phoefire says:

    Yeah bro I copped that joint and some others. They definitely sound great.

  13. Haralduz7 says:

    This is on my wishlist now. Are going to look at any of the other Dope Loops?

    • saintjoe says:

      yeah I’ve checked out a few before as well, do a search for dope loops on here or click the dope loops link in the review, but I will be doing more too

  14. SoundsAndGear says:

    native instruments maschine

  15. SoundsAndGear says:

    thanks for watching!

  16. Baddboy2000 says:

    SJ: I agree with your 4.0/5.0 rating. This is a very nice pint size kit. I was hoping you would review this & “Guess What?…You Did”.
    Thanks again for delivering.

  17. vazzed says:


  18. catchspot says:

    Is that red box a scarlett focusrite? if so would i be able to sample from vinyl with that directly into maschine? thanks

  19. SoundsAndGear says:

    yeah it’s the scarlett 8i6, you can run the outputs of your table into it’s inputs if you want, you may need a mixer in between depending on what type of turntable you have

  20. John Hernndez says:

    Im liking the piano loops. I can werk wit dat. ;)

  21. CJM says:

    Thanks for the heads up, i am going to go check them out!

  22. SkcBeatz says:

    Hey bro! Think its great what your doing showing people new kits and vsts ect… But why not show these people what a scale or key is or even chords before dropping piano samples? Most people cant figure out the key let alone scale…. Lucky im not in that group and know my theory.. But to help others…. think they would love it if u made a tutorial on it bro! Enough love and do your thing bro! wish u the best!SKCBEATZ

  23. Art Sanchez says:

    Dope stuff! Your the man!

  24. SoundsAndGear says:

    thanks for checking it out fam!

  25. bairahrecordings says:

    FatLoud got some cool samples.

  26. SoundsAndGear says:

    yes indeed fam!

  27. MadOne7950 says:

    Clean samples !! Thanks for putting this up!!

  28. SoundsAndGear says:

    no doubt fam!

  29. ShadowBoxerDNB says:

    good stuff, will check this!

  30. SoundsAndGear says:

    cool, thanks for watching!

  31. KillerUpInSmoke says:

    dope shiziii

  32. SoundsAndGear says:

    thanks for watching

  33. stumpclump says:

    i love the way you chop the beat up its so dope ive been getting into making beats lately.

  34. SoundsAndGear says:

    thanks for checking it out!

  35. scoot70683 says:

    fresh beat man

  36. SoundsAndGear says:

    thanks for watching

  37. SoundsAndGear says:

    thanks for watching

  38. jakera182 says:

    Is it possible to do a Vid comparing this to prime loops?

  39. SoundsAndGear says:

    prime loops is a company not just one product so it would be hard to compare it to a whole company, however I do have some videos on various prime loops products

  40. sowhatsowhat10 says:

    Sir! What where the drums used in the beat u made? Lol

  41. sowhatsowhat10 says:

    Lol I absolutely understand it bro! Thanks for the reviews as always u hook us up with a well rounded visual of the product.


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