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Studio One Remote App for iPad Add Audio Tracks and Set Audio Input

Hey what’s good fam? Just wanted to share a quick video on the new Studio One Remote app from PreSonus. It’s a very powerful app for Studio One, and one of my favorite features is being able to add new audio tracks from the iPad as well as picking the input device/channel without having to […]

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Studio One 3 Arranger Track Workflow

Hey what’s good fam? Here’s another video of Studio One 3, this time I’m showing my workflow with the new arranger track. I wasn’t sure if it would be something I’d use, since Studio One was already pretty easy to arrange in (I love simply pressing D to duplicate for example) However, I found myself […]

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Check it Out: Bitwig Studio Instrument Layering & Morphing using the X/Y Device

Hey what’s good fam? Just wanted to share this cool feature in Bitwig Studio that lets you layer and morph between 4 different instruments or instrument chains. You can do it manually by MIDI learning the X and Y parameter knobs, or you can use different modulation devices to automate the parameters automatically. It’s a […]

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Check It Out: Ableton Live 9 Layering Instruments, Plugins, Samples, and FX

Hey what’s good fam? Just a quick video to show how you can create custom sounds in Ableton Live by layering instruments, samples, fx, and even plugins. I got this question after I did a similar video for Bitwig, and wanted to show that Ableton has had this capability for a while. Sometimes it’s easy […]

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Check It Out: Bitwig Studio Instrument, VST, and FX Layering

Hey what’s good fam? Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season. Just wanted to share a video about a feature in Bitwig Studio I thought was pretty dope. This is for those that love to layer sounds, samples, or whatever else. Bitwig makes it very easy to layer internal sounds, vst plugins, as well as […]

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Checkout My New Maschine Training Course with

Hey what’s good fam! Just wanted to let you know about a new Maschine tutorial course I did with The course is called “Up and Running with Maschine 2″ and covers all the basics of getting started with Maschine. I did the course using both the Maschine Studio and the Maschine MK2 controllers, and […]

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Making a beat with Maschine Studio using iPad Sounds

Hey what’s good fam! Just a quick video I wanted to share as I was messing around with some iPad apps. I use my iPad in many ways, as a controller, production platform when mobile, and as a sound module in my setup. Many times we look for new plugins or libraries, but if you […]

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Review of the Mixing Hip Hop course by Matthew Weiss

Hey what’s good fam! Today I have a cool resource I wanted to show you. It’s a Hip Hop Mixing course by Matthew Weiss, he’s mixed for folks like Snoop, Arrested Development, and more. Let’s check it out! So what is Mixing Hip Hop? It’s actually a bundle made of two courses, one on mixing […]

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