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Making a beat with Maschine Studio using iPad Sounds

Hey what’s good fam! Just a quick video I wanted to share as I was messing around with some iPad apps. I use my iPad in many ways, as a controller, production platform when mobile, and as a sound module in my setup. Many times we look for new plugins or libraries, but if you […]

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Review of the Mixing Hip Hop course by Matthew Weiss

Hey what’s good fam! Today I have a cool resource I wanted to show you. It’s a Hip Hop Mixing course by Matthew Weiss, he’s mixed for folks like Snoop, Arrested Development, and more. Let’s check it out! So what is Mixing Hip Hop? It’s actually a bundle made of two courses, one on mixing […]

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Zoom Q4 Handy HD Video recorder review

Yo what’s going on? Today I’m checking out a nice little video camera from Zoom called the Q4 Let’s dive right into it! So what is the Zoom Q4? This is an HD recorder, wide angle camera that also has a built in x/y stereo mic, similar to what’s on their handheld recorders. The concept […]

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Syntorial interactive synthesizer tutorial review

Hey what’s good fam! Hope all is well, got a new review for you and I think it’s something folks will really enjoy. This review is on “Syntorial” which is a tutorial on synthesis….but there’s a twist. There’s a synth built in! Let’s check it So what is Syntorial? So imagine a synthesizer course that […]

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Arturia SparkLE multiple output routing and tracking in Studio One v2

Hey what’s good fam? Just a quick little tutorial on routing multiple outputs from SparkLE into Studio One v2 for those that want to add effects in your daw or track out the audio from your projects made in SparkLE. I got some requests and questions on how to do this after I did my […]

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Jeremy Ellis finger drumming course from macPro Video review

Yo what’s good fam! Today I’m reviewing another resource that I think anyone interesting in finger drumming should know about. It’s the “Maschine Virtuosity” course by Jeremy Ellis that he did for macPro Video There are times when I come across certain resources that I just feel the need to share with ya, so….let me […]

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How to pitch a sample across your keyboard in Battery 4

I just received a question on how to pitch your samples so you can play them at different tunning across your keyboard or pad controller in Battery 4. This is just a really quick video in response. It’s really simple to do.  Of course if you have any more questions just let me know.

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Hey what’s good fam! Hope all is well with ya! As you know, from time to time I come across various websites to share with you that I think you’d enjoy. This one is from my buddy Flux, it’s called If any of you have watched his videos before you know he’s into all […]

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