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Akai APC Key 25 Ableton Controller Review

Hey what’s good fam! Today I’ve got a review for all the Ableton users out there. The new APC Key 25 from Akai Pro Let’s check it out. So what is the APC Key 25? This is one of 3 new APC controllers from Akai. The main difference between this and the other APC controllers […]

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Arturia BeatStep Controller and Step Sequencer Review

Hey what’s good fam! Finally taking some time to review a product that I’ve been using for a while The BeatStep from Arturia Let’s jump into it! So what is the BeatStep? The idea behind it is to be a general MIDI controller with 16 pads and 16 knobs, as well as transport and a […]

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msx audio bleep drum

MSX Audio Special Edition Bleep Drum Machine

Hey what’s good fam! Just wanted to let you know about a special edition product from MSX Audio. They did a special edition Bleep Drum machine with Bleep Labs. It’s a battery powered lo-fi drum machine that has their logo enscribed on the back. I think it’s always great to see companies doing something original […]

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IK Multimedia iRig MIDI 2 Mobile MIDI Interface Review

Hey what’s good fam! Back with another goodie from the folks at IK Multimedia. For anyone that likes to use MIDI with their iOS device like I do, you’re probably familiar with the iRig MIDI adapter. Well they’ve come out with a new version of the mobile MIDI interface so you know I had to […]

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Presonus Temblor T10 Active Studio Subwoofer review

Hey what’s good fam! Back with another Presonus review, this one is on the Temblor T10 sub that I was testing out with the Sceptre S6 studio monitors Let’s jump right into it! So what is the Temblor T10? Well basically…it’s a 250w active studio subwoofer. Yes that means it has it’s own amplifier, and […]

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Presonus Sceptre S6 CoActual Studio Monitors

Hey what’s good fam! Here with a review of some pretty cool monitors from Presonus. It’s the Sceptre series and I’ve been testing the S6. Let’s get into it! So what is the Sceptre S6? This is the 6″ woofer version of the Sceptre series monitor from Presonus. The Sceptre series is their line of […]

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Ableton Push recording fixed length audio clips with Maschine & Mininova

Hey what’s good fam? I know many have seen the Push controller sitting on my desk and I’ve gotten a lot of questions on my thoughts and how I’m using it. In this video I highlight probably my favorite feature that Push adds to my workflow for recording audio. It’s the fixed length audio clip […]

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Icon Digital iControls PRO Motorized Fader DAW Controller review

Hey what’s good fam? Hope your week is off to a good start, today I’m back with another product from Icon Digital. This time it’s a DAW controller Let’s get into it! So what is the iControls PRO? This is a slimline, 8 channel + master channel motorized fader controller for your DAW It has […]

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