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Novation Bass Station II analog synth review

Hey what’s good fam? Back with another Novation product review, this time I’m checking out the Bass Station II Let’s get into it! So what is the Bass Station II? It’s a 25 key, fully analog monophonic synthesizer based on their class Bass Station synth, with new features and tools that make it useful in […]

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Boomstar 5089 24dB Moog style ladder filter analog synth review

Yo what’s good fam! Back today with a beast of a synth from Studio Electronics This is the 5089 synth from their Boomstar line, which is a collection of synths each with their own classic filter. Let’s check it out! So what is the Boomstar 5089? This is a desktop analog synthesizer with tons of […]

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Icon Digital CubeMi 5 MIDI interface review

Hey what’s good fam! Today I’m back with another piece of gear from Icon Digital I previously reviewed their AIO 6 audio interface/controller Today I’m looking at something a bit more simple, a MIDI interface. So what is the CubeMi 5? This is basically a 5 in/5 out MIDI interface. For those with a lot […]

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Novation Launchkey Mini mobile MIDI controller review

Hey what’s good fam! Back with another review for you, today I’m checking out the new Launchkey Mini I’ve had my eye on this little controller for a while so I was excited when Novation sent it over for review. I wanted to test it as a mobile solution, but quickly found it to be […]

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Zoom Q4 Handy HD Video recorder review

Yo what’s going on? Today I’m checking out a nice little video camera from Zoom called the Q4 Let’s dive right into it! So what is the Zoom Q4? This is an HD recorder, wide angle camera that also has a built in x/y stereo mic, similar to what’s on their handheld recorders. The concept […]

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Studio Electronics Boomstar 5089 24dB Moog filter synth & Thesys sequencer app

Hey what’s good fam! Got some more analog goodness for you In this video I’m messing with the Boomstar 5089 from Studio Electronics, it’s got a 24dB “Moog” type filter in it, as well as a bunch of modulation options. Full review/overview coming in the near future. For this video I was just messing with […]

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Arturia MiniBrute and MicroBrute sequencing, modulation, and tweaking

Hey what’s good fam! Just messing around in the lab and turned on the camera to capture some tweaking/playing with the Arturia MiniBrute and MicroBrute I had the arp latched on the MiniBrute, then I made a really basic sequence on the MicroBrute step sequencer and just went through tweaking some sounds to see what […]

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Review of the AIO 6 USB audio interface and DAW controller from Icon Digital

Hey what’s good fam! Feel like I been gone for a while (little over a week) had to take care of a few things but I’m back and ready to knock out some more reviews for ya! Today I’m checking out the AIO 6 from Icon Digital, a company I didn’t really know about until […]

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