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Review: AIR Music Xpand!2 Workstation VST

Hey what’s good fam! Back with a review that I think a lot of people will enjoy, at least judging from the types of questions I get all the time. Today I’m checking out Xpand!2 from AIR Music Let’s dig in! So what is Xpand!2?  To keep it simple, it’s a workstation style vst that […]

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Review: Soundiron Mercury Elements

Hey what’s good fam? Back with another review from Soundiron’s “Elements” series, this one is another choir. Let’s just dig in and check it out What is Mercury Elements? This is a version of their Mercury Symphonic Boys Choir library that contains essential elements and a single mic position. So if you don’t need all the […]

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Review: Patchbanks Rhythm & Breaks Vol. 1

Hey what’s good fam? Back with some more classic samples from patchbanks Let’s just dig into it! So what’s Rhythm & Breaks Vol. 1? It’s a collection of original classic, soulful, and underground style music samples as well as drum breaks. This isn’t a construction kit, you don’t get the stems, but you get the […]

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Review: Novation Audiohub 2×4 Audio Interface and USB Hub

Hey what’s good fam? Back with a new review, this one is a new interface from Novation. I wanted to check it out for my iPad, so let’s dig in! What is the Audiohub 2×4? It’s an audio interface that’s also a USB hub. It works with Mac and PC, as well as iOS…which is […]

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Review: M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro

Yo what’s good fam! Today I’m back with another review, this time I’m finally getting a chance to check out the Trigger Finger Pro from M-Audio. Let’s just jump right in What is the Trigger Finger Pro? It’s an updated version of the original Trigger Finger pad controller, with a lot of new features. The […]

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Checkout My New Maschine Training Course with

Hey what’s good fam! Just wanted to let you know about a new Maschine tutorial course I did with The course is called “Up and Running with Maschine 2″ and covers all the basics of getting started with Maschine. I did the course using both the Maschine Studio and the Maschine MK2 controllers, and […]

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Comparison: Ableton Push vs Akai APC40 MKII – Which one is best for you?

I’ve been an Ableton Live user for many years, and I always felt a dedicated controller would really benefit the program as well as my workflow. After using both the Ableton Push and Akai APC40 MKII for a while, I’ve been able to see the benefits of both and how they fit different workflows. I […]

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Presonus Sceptre S6 CoActual Studio Monitors

Hey what’s good fam! Here with a review of some pretty cool monitors from Presonus. It’s the Sceptre series and I’ve been testing the S6. Let’s get into it! So what is the Sceptre S6? This is the 6″ woofer version of the Sceptre series monitor from Presonus. The Sceptre series is their line of […]

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