Big Fish Audio Vintage Vibe Kontakt library review


Hey what’s good fam, back with another Big Fish Friday for ya!

Had some things going on the last few weeks but I’m back with a good one for ya!

Today I’m checking out Vintage Vibe, let’s peep it!

So what is Vintage Vibe?

vintagevibeThis is a new Kontakt library that’s dedicated to capturing the sound of the 1960s and 1970s in a collection of multi-sample instruments.

So you get keys, you get drums, guitars, bass, and percussion instruments, all ready to load up into Kontakt with a custom interface for tweaking.

The sound of the library is aimed at classic Rock, R&B, Soul, Funk, Country, and Jazz.

The have nice “classic” sounds and also crazy chaotic/distored versions.

But the main aim is to provide a nice, warm, organic instrument library.

This library works in the Kontakt Player 5 so you don’t need to own Kontakt in order to use it, which is always good for those that don’t own it!

Quick Specs

So how does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderThis is all that really matters and I have to say I’m LOVIN the sound.

I must tell you, these are the types of sounds I use most often, keys, bass, guitar, etc…just standard sounds, but I love them.

I love having them all in one library and the fact that you get everything from classic clean keys, bass, and guitars, down to nasty distorted instruments.

This gives you a lot of variety but they all sound really good in my opinion. The bass is nice and deep, the keys are smooth, and the guitars sound crisp and clean…unless of course they are the distorted version!

Even the drum sets sound nice and live, with a hint of grit and warmth that definitely adds a nice dimension to any production.

I literally wouldn’t have a problem making many full productions with this library, it really delivers that vibe it sets out to create.

If you’re like me and you love warm, organic sounds with usable character, this joint definitely has the goods.

So what’s the bottom line?

Well, this became an instant favorite of mine…again, it’s right up my alley in terms of the types of sounds I tend to gravitate too.

Sure I dig a good synth and such, but most of the time when I sit down to create, I’m using bread and butter classic sounds like ep, bass, guitar, strings, horns, etc.

5subsI give Vintage Vibe 5 out of 5 subs without a doubt, this thing just sounds great, the interface is super easy to tweak…oh…and did I mention it sounds great?!

I highly suggest you listen to the demos, and though I can’t speak directly on the Refill version I’m sure it sounds just as good as this one!;16;1:::::::149:::D149::511970

Let me know what you think about this library, I can tell you this joint will be getting plenty of use from me personally…I’m lovin it!

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Big Fish Audio Vintage Vibe Kontakt library review
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  1. Wow this is really awesome. Listening tot he demos on bigfish they made a bunch of Beatles style demo tracks but I think this sounds better than Fab Four, costs less and doesn’t need a dongle! Also it’s Kontakt so that’s easy to use. Nice man. Nice. Everything sounds great, those drums are amazing!

  2. SJ: Thanks for the review. Big Fish Audio has put together a kit that is hard to find. These sounds are ‘Classic”. “I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. A 4.5 stars for sure”.

  3. Yo Saint Jeezy. When you got to playing the guitars, you were playing the guitar w/ pretty short notes. Play them a bit longer and tell me if you notice something strange. What I’m getting at is that only a few notes under the sustain articulation and thus in the sustain group actually sustain! And I have the new version, ‘Vintage VI’! I had to come back and peep this vid to see if it was going on under the older ‘Vintage Vibe’ title and it appears so from what I can tell from what you played. When you get a minute, do me a favor. Load the 1st patch under guitars which in my case, is: ‘Fender Strat Clean’. Now, making sure you’re in the ‘sustain articulation’ which should me the lowest keyswitch, start from the lowest available blue (mapped) keys and hold down each key for a good amount of time or even use a sustain pedal to let each play out a good ways. When I do this its quite obvious that only the 1st 4 keys in the keymap…the lowest E, F, F#, and G are actually SUSTAINS! as soon as you hear the 1st G# what happens? MUTE! that’s what happens. At any velocity!. To isolate the issue, I even copied the ‘sustain’ group to an empty contact patch, pasted all samples, and sure enough, a few, sustain notes and the rest mutes! You’re gonna need to pull a cone off of the ranking for his, b/c I bought this joint and a big selling point for me was the guitars, I’m bout to holla at big fish right now. Anyway, it’s most def a big because I continued up the keyboard and noticed that if you play the next E and F you come to VERY LIGHTLY, they too sustain. Sup w/ that?


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