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BeatCleaver sampler editor and slicer review

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Hey what’s good fam!

I got a nice little software I want to share with you today.

I’ve been messing with this for a while and finally ready to show it off to you

It’s a sample slicer, editor, chopper from Oscillicious called BeatCleaver

let’s peep!

What is BeatCleaver?

The whole idea behind this program is to be a smooth, fast, straight-forward way for you to edit, chop, and slice your samples.

You can quickly zoom in, inscrease or decrease the window, add slices, remove slices, chop by bars/beats, chop into 4, 8, or 16 parts, and export your slices.

You can export individual slices or all the slices at once.

It can read Wav, mp3, wma, aiff, and m4a

This joint is very simple yet very fast and effective, I think many will love it.

Quick Specs

  • formats: Wav, mp3, wma, aiff, m4a
  • os: mac and windows
  • price: $15

So what’s the bottom line?

Well since it only sounds like what you put in it, no need to cover that part, let’s just get straight to the point.

This application is 15 bucks, there is really no reason ANYONE that does ANYTHING with samples, shouldn’t have this.

It’s smooth, it’s quick, and it’s efficient. It’s purpose driven so it’s not bloated with a bunch of stuff.

Sure, I have a wishlist of things I’d like to see in there that would enhance what’s already there, but man, as is, it’s still a killer app.

I give BeatCleaver 5 out of 5 subs as it stands right now, even though I know it’s only going to get better, it’ really that good!

I mean seriously, if you need a simple audio editor, this is it. Open samples, chop, slice, edit, export, done!

I would like to see some things like double-click to add a slice, dragging slices out of the app, fade in/out, you know, some small tweaks here and there, but even as it stands right now, this thing is super efficient and gets the job done perfectly.

I look forward to any updates added, but have nothing that will hold me back from using it now.

Oh, and his support? Great! I had a couple issues over the time I’ve used it, he’s always answered my questions and helped me fix the problem, it’s a very stable program for sure. He’s also good at taking input for features/improvements, which is always a plus.

Man…just go get this thing, seriously:

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27 Responses to “BeatCleaver sampler editor and slicer review”

  1. KIZ-ONE says:

    It looks very good, but i’m interested if it has time stretch? Also you said it does mp3′s but after you inport, will it export it to wave? I used edison now with maschine when i sample becuase it does mp3′s and you can use that in maschine with the workaround

    • saintjoe says:

      @KIZ-ONE, timestretch is not currently implemented, it will export your mp3 as wav files

      • KIZ-ONE says:

        @saintjoe, cool, guess the wait is still onfor the upgrade for maschine then but in the mean time i might just have to use this , as it’s a little more simpler then edison. thanks for the review.

        • saintjoe says:

          @KIZ-ONE, yeah I’d love maschine’s interface to work this smooth from the software, always wanted to be able to slice like this in there.

  2. Mean Gene says:

    If you had of drop this about 12 hours ago it would’ve been on. I was just thinking about how I could chop an mp3 quick. This is a nice find. I went ahead and got this asap.

    • saintjoe says:

      @Mean Gene, yeah fam, joint is so smooth. Maschine’s interface should be this smooth with the manual chopping imo.

      • Mean Gene says:

        @saintjoe, you ain’t never lied. I was using the zoom on maschine last night and I had to keep constantly resizing my screen to stop the flickering effect.

  3. Mean Gene says:

    @saintjoe, you ain’t never lied. I was using the zoom on maschine last night and I had to keep constantly resizing my screen to stop the flickering effect. I’m chopping right now as we speak. I’m loving this.

  4. richard says:

    nice – I’ve been using maschine – and sometimes pt – I’ve been wanting a quick solution for this- SOLD – about to make the purchase

    question though – - i have these 88.2 samples i need to chop – lots of them…..
    should i convert them to 44.1 first?

    i want to keep them as hq as possible….

    • Albert says:

      BeatCleaver should load those 88.2 KHz samples fine, but it will export them as 44.1 KHz stereo. Give it a try in the trial and shoot me an email if they don’t work (albert.santoni at oscillicious dot com). I’m looking into other export options for the next version though!

  5. robtronic says:

    great product – bought and happily using today…nice relaxed/quick workflow..what you need :)

  6. Baddboy2000 says:

    SJ: This slicer is on “Point”. Easy & gets the job done. Thanks for giving us the inside look into the BeatCleaver.


    Good find Joe! I was looking for a quick way to experiment with my mp3′s and other wav files without having to use a whole lot of extra steps.
    DefinitelyThe best $15.00 ever spent.

  8. Tobias says:

    Is this program compatible with Mac or is it solely a windows program?
    It looks really useful so i hope it can work with Mac aswell!


  9. Rob says:

    This ain’t $15 man, it cost €57 which is (currently) $78,50 USD!

    • saintjoe says:

      I did this review back in May 2012, the price must have gone up due to the updates he’s been adding.

      • Rob says:

        Well, even i was wrong, it’s €59 instead of €57.

        Anyway, if you have Reason 7 you don’t need this overpriced software.
        I would give it a go for $15 instead of starting up Reason 7 the whole time but €59 is far from real man.
        This guy (seller) must be drunk or something lol.

        • saintjoe says:

          Yeah, well it’s actually much cheaper than ReCycle, and not everyone has Reason, so for those that still want a quick audio editor it’s an option :)

          It’s all good though, I use Maschine mainly anyway :)


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