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A free hip hop drum kit from

Not a lot to say on this one, some free drums from and I like them

Peep this quick video and go download them, he’s cool peeps and didn’t know I was doin this video but I love to show love to the smaller developers and he has some great drums.

check it out

download at

lemme know what you think.

22 Responses to “A free hip hop drum kit from”

  1. madbull1971 says:

    They got some thump to them but the drum loops could be better (they sound a little mechanical) but they’re free so I can’t hate :)

    Its always good to see peeps doing their thang. I’ll be bookmarking his page to keep in contact for seeing how his future beats will be. Got a good start.

    Thanks Joe

  2. jamari says:

    I like what I’ve heard, what you’ve demo’ed sounds as if he goes for a more creative layered sound perhaps using organic items (pans, buckets with varying levels of liquids..who knows). He’s definitely not trying to have that “every day-generic” sound. I think it’s a good look and wish him the best & look forward to future releases.
    Thanks for put this out there for those that might have over looked it.

    • saintjoe says:

      @jamari, yeah I agree, definitely more creative, I can definitely hear some household items in there, that’s the type of stuff I like to do so it’s good to see them being used creatively and they actually are useful.

  3. Not a bad kit at all and you just can’t beat the price of FREE!! LMAO Nice Joe!!

  4. Groove says:

    What up am, been a minute. I didnt check out the drums yet but Ive been wanting to ask you….Why does your Maschine look different from the original. Did you get a custom job or is that a removable template. It’s Hot.

  5. Dj Steve Dee says:

    Hey SJ, these are nice!! Im gonna rock them in my Neko!!

  6. Alan@The Cape says:

    Hi Saint Joe, Still enjoying your vids thanks.I love the way you share your comments and crits.
    Where can I hear some of your music.

    • saintjoe says:

      @Alan@The Cape, thanks man, I don’t really have anything online at the moment, but thanks for asking. I have some old stuff up on some stuff I produced for other folks.

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